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March 22, 2017

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

Q. How did your match go today with Chris Wood as far as you're concerned?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a grind. Neither one of us necessarily had our best stuff. Made a lot of mid length putts, six to 12, 15 feet to either halve the hole or win the holes in the first nine holes. Yeah, I felt like I played better than my score would have shown if it was stroke play. But I got it done, so that's all that matters.

Q. How would you gauge the way you approach an event like this with match play versus an event you normally play on the PGA Tour, that's stroke play?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, I'm glad it wasn't stroke play because I don't know if I would be too close to the leaderboard right now. It's obviously different. I'm viewing each match as more urgent than I did last year. I felt like since I had three matches, if you lost one, whatever. In reality you lose that first one, you are really behind the eight ball. I was treating this match like it was do or die and I think it helped out a little bit.

Q. You got the win. Little up-and-down affair, wasn't it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: In terms of making birdies or not makes birdies it definitely was. I just realized I had my first shank I had in a while on the second hole. That was fun to make a par with that. I felt like I played pretty solid. It was tough out there. There was a lot of crosswinds to where I could bounce it down, like it did for us here on 17. But to come out with the win is nice.

Q. On 17, talk about the difficulty of that tee shot, especially with so much on the line.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's tough. A lot of them that you get down in these valleys and you get under the trees, I had a couple of times where I hit it so low, but I hit it too low to stay under the trees to where it doesn't get effect and it goes to far. Same with downwind, if you don't get it up it's not going to go with the wind. That's one where it was kind of cross and it was kind of bouncing between south and southeast all day to where we're playing it into and both of us make perfect shots but the wind kind of switched down and we both went long. For a 137-yard shot, it was difficult.

Q. Do you game plan for the opponent or the course? Tomorrow you play Kevin Na for round two.
JUSTIN THOMAS: I didn't know I was playing him until you just told me. I guess that can tell you how I'm viewing everything this week. I'm just going to play golf.

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