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March 22, 2017

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

Q. A 2 and 1 winner today. I know you talked about last year not being happy with losing all three matches. Wanted to come out and really focus on this first match and not look ahead. How did you keep your sole focus on Chris Wood today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, first things first, I have no idea who I play tomorrow or the next day. I know who's in my group. I'm not paying attention to what day is what. I'm just going out and trying to beat Chris Wood today. Neither one of us really had our best stuff. It was playing difficult out there. I feel like we played better than the numbers that we were putting up showed. It's exciting to get the first match in.

Q. Now that you have gotten that first win, I can tell you you play Kevin Na tomorrow. What do the focus and priorities shift to to get another W tomorrow?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Same thing. I'm trying to beat Kevin Na, trying to beat him as soon as I can and not give him an opportunity to get any momentum. You never know what your opponent is going to have, so all you can do is bring it the best you can.

Q. Very breezy today on the course. Expected to have higher winds tomorrow. How do those winds affect your strategy out on the course?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It just -- I mean, today was tough because it was bouncing a lot. We hit a lot of really good shots that the wind was bouncing south to southeast right when I was hitting or vice-versa. Kind of made us look really stupid out there when I hit some quality shots. That makes it a little difficult. Both people are dealing with it, so you just have to hope that you are on the right end more often.

Q. So important, 2 and 1 victory over Chris Wood. How good does that feel?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It feels great knowing that I finally won a match in this tournament as opposed to last year. My game feels like it's really getting back to where it was, which was exciting. Did some good work with my dad here at the beginning of the week. Feel like everything is kind of -- the misses are dwindling down a little bit. I'm playing a lot better golf.

Q. How much do you love match play?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's fine. It's still golf. Instead of beating everyone, you are beating one person. The hard part about it is you only have one day. I like four rounds because one day maybe you don't have it, you can salvage a 1-under, whereas you shoot 8-under you don't get to finish that round. You just beat the person and go on to the next. I don't like that part as much as I do stroke play but it is what it is.

Q. Around the middle of the back nine, it got pretty interesting here. You went 1 down, then you had to come back and reply with some good stuff of your own?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I stayed patient. I made a lot of really good putts on the front nine to either halve the holes or win holes. I kind of gave him a couple, but we both did that. I feel like 13 was definitely a disappointment, a hole I feel like I could use my length to my advantage. It was so in the wind today, it was a tough number for me. To bounce back after that was huge.

Q. Kevin Na tomorrow?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I played with him a bunch and we know each other's game. Hopefully I can get the best of him.

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