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March 20, 2017

Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh

Tomoyuki Sugano

Norichika Aoki

Los Angeles, California

Q. Your last game against Cuba was kind of a tough challenge for you. What kind of adjustments have you made and what sort of impression do you have of the American lineup?
YOSHITOMO TSUTSUGOH: Let's see, everybody, we heard all the members are in order, and very strong lineup hitting team, I heard.

Q. I would like to ask everybody, finally it's the semifinal. The game starts finally, but, please, how do you feel right now, everybody?
YOSHITOMO TSUTSUGOH: Finally it's here. That is the strong feeling I have right now. We've done everything we can, so I would like put out a good performance today. I'd like to spend the day and be prepared for tomorrow.

NORICHIKA AOKI: Let me see, finally it's here, that's how I feel. Here we have to do something here, that's how I feel. Tomorrow is the semifinal, we'll win it somehow and advance to the final. That's what I want to do.

TOMOYUKI SUGANO: Really, it's finally here. That's how I feel. Tomorrow, for sure we'll win and advance to the final, that's how I feel.

Q. The WBC coming to America, is there a big difference when you're playing at home versus playing on a different country where the fans aren't necessarily going to be cheering for you as much as they were in Japan? Is there a different pressure to being on a different stage?
NORICHIKA AOKI: For sure, I feel it's a way. But here there are a lot of Japanese fans here as well. So I'd like many of them to come see the game. But Americans, I feel it's in the United States, and I feel it will help bring out our best performance as well. So in that context, I'd like to do the best I can.

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