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March 19, 2017

Ha Na Jang

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. How long do you think that last putt was?
HA NA JANG: Last putt is ridiculous, like 16 feet.

Q. 16 feet?
HA NA JANG: 16 yard, so 30 -- no. What?

Q. 48? 48 if it was 16.
HA NA JANG: 45 something, yeah. Like 16 yard to the pin. And just think about the speed.

But short of the hole. Looks like definitely just I need more speed.

So then it's in. It's good.

Q. How about the whole day?
HA NA JANG: Today is wonderful. Like my hit something really good. (Indiscernible) No.4, but I'm not too much thinking on the score. Just keep going my player, play, play.

Really good birdie. Bounce back is really good on No. 5. Then birdie, birdie, birdie, and it's very good today.

Q. Overall good week?

Q. Big hole in one the other day.
HA NA JANG: Oh, I'm so happy. I don't want to think score in the morning, just car is good.

Q. Have you got drive it yet?
HA NA JANG: No. And then, yeah, it's like seven times hole in one. First time I get the car. Last year is really good my hole in one par-4 the hole No.8 in Bahamas.

Yeah, it's pretty good week. Doesn't matter score. It's okay. No problem. 21-under par? Perfect.

Q. Good. There is always next week.
HA NA JANG: Uh-uh. Maybe next week. I'm target Top 5, so pretty good.

Q. And in two weeks a pretty big one, too.
HA NA JANG: Oh, yeah, big one. I like Kia golf course. Golf course is really pretty. Yeah, like maybe pretty good play next week. We'll see.

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