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March 19, 2017

Marc Leishman

Orlando, Florida

Q. You rolled the rock well all day. I kept seeing good putts that didn't go in and then finally pay dirt on 16.
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, I putted really well all week, they weren't quite going in yesterday, but that one on 16, I actually hit that putt earlier in the week and missed it low left, and I worked on that, so practice pays off.

Q. It's the second win in your career, you're going to put on a red cardigan. I know winning means a lot. To win this one, a little different, feel special?
MARC LEISHMAN: Oh, it's amazing, obviously. It's such a special year to honor Mr. Palmer how they have. It's unbelievable. Obviously, it's sad not to have him up there on 18, but to play how I did and to win any tournament's huge, but especially this one. You get the extra year exemption and everything that comes along with that. So it's a Presidents Cup year, there's a lot of reasons that I wanted to play good. My family is here, it's just a special day and couldn't have worked out any better.

Q. You have a 1-year-old daughter or about to be 1 because I just heard somebody say, that's a hell of a 1-year-old birthday present coming up.
MARC LEISHMAN: Matty, my caddie, his daughter turned one yesterday. So that's a good present.

Q. As soon as you saw that third shot at 18 the first thing you said? Well, that looks a lot closer, that par putt, than it actually did in person. So how, when you have a chance to win down the stretch, do you hold your nerves together to perform the way you did on those highlights we just saw?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, around here things can change so quick. You don't have to hit that bad a shot to make bogeys out there. You got to stay right in it, not think about what's at the end, what's the end result, and just do what you got to do. So, I was able to do that, the putts, I holed two good putts there on the last few holes and they all went in the middle of the hole, which is nice. So, obviously, would like them to be a little bit shorter, but, yeah, a nice day, obviously, the putter was there with me all week.

Q. It's been almost five years since you last won on the PGA TOUR. What gave you the belief to get back to the winner's circuit?
MARC LEISHMAN: I've been playing well all year. I got a new Callaway driver in at the start of the year and it's really been a game changer. I've been driving it better than I ever have. Which, it's funny, the game's a lot easier out of the fairway. So that's been probably the biggest difference. And then just the putter. The putter's been amazing this year. The stats probably show that. Especially this week. But I feel like all year it's been really close and I just haven't played how I wanted to on Sundays. But today was great.

Q. You won all over the world in your career, what does it mean to win here this week for the first time since Mr. Palmer's passing?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, it's obviously really special week. Mr. Palmer was an awesome guy who I was lucky enough to meet a few times at this tournament. So that was, obviously, to honor him is huge. Another reason why it's so special this week is this is the first time I've won a tournament with my family here. So, to have Audrey and the boys here, to be able to run out on the green -- and Matty's girl is here, my caddie -- it just, it all came together. And to do it here, especially on a Presidents Cup year as well, that helps out in those standings, so to get back inside those is really good. And I guess the Masters, too, right? So, yeah, it's just, I don't know, it's just a unbelievable feeling.

Q. Three shots back beginning this final round. 69 good enough to get it done. How would you describe your performance, especially those last few holes?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, obviously the putter was pivotal all week. I've been putting well all year and it's nice to be able to hole putts the last few days. That was key to do that. I gave myself chances for putts and, yeah, it was an awesome day and I couldn't have drawn it up any better.

Q. Five years since your first win on the PGA TOUR. What's the journey been like to get back here action to have your family here to see it, considering the health scarce your wife Audrey had just a few years ago.
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, a lot's happened since then. Five years, it's yeah see, it doesn't feel that long ago. But, yeah, a lot's happened, obviously with Audrey and the two boys now, a girl on the way. My son keeps reminding me that it's been awhile since I won. He says, "Daddy, why don't you ever win the trophy?" So that's nice to get that now, to go and get that trophy. So I'm just so excited and so happy that, especially in a week honoring such a champion guy like Mr. Palmer.

Q. What does it mean to wrap up one at Arnie's place? To win anywhere is special, but to do it here means what?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, especially this year, obviously, you see guys win and he's waiting there on the back of the green. And to not have that is obviously very sad, but to win here is just a dream come true.

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