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March 19, 2017

Ernst Van Dyk

Susannah Scaroni

New York, New York

ERNST VAN DYK: What was different was the weather was going to be challenging, and on some sections it was really wet. Especially when we were in a big group, there was a lot of spray coming off the wheels, and it made conditions very slippery and cold and wet for us.

But again, it was a tough race. It's a lot different from last year. Last year I went for the record, and I went hard from the beginning, and I got away and stayed away. This time I got away in the beginning, but then the motorcade got in the way and I had to slow down, and then the group coasted back to me, and then we kind of -- we were together until -- you know, there was some gaps, but those gaps are easy to close on this course, and in the end, I knew coming down 7th Avenue, I knew it was going to be a sprint finish at that point.

Q. At any point, was there a point in the race toward the end, I know Daniel was close behind you, where you thought you had this in the bag?
ERNST VAN DYK: No. It's a tough course to know -- if you get a good gap on the highway, then you can stay away. But I mean, Daniel was really strong on the highway and Kota was really strong, too, and there was no way you could do a solo pull-away and stay away on that kind of surface. I was just trying to stay with Daniel coming out of the tunnel because Daniel is a really good climber, and be at least in a position to challenge the sprint.

Q. And what does this do to sort of help you kick off your season before Boston?
ERNST VAN DYK: It's good. I had a horrendous Tokyo Marathon a few weeks ago, and I didn't feel good, so this was a good confidence booster. It's good to feel that I'm back in control and back on track with my training and things are coming together, so looking forward to Boston and London now.

Q. This is your first ever win in a race in New York, correct?
SUSANNAH SCARONI: That's correct.

Q. What does it feel like to come to Manhattan and grab your first win?
SUSANNAH SCARONI: I mean, it feels really great. I love New York Road Runners, and so the reason we come back during like the two coldest races of the year is because it's so great here, and climbing is my strength, so I knew like to go hard at the beginning, I had to get through the hills as fast as I could, and then just had to maintain that, which was helped by the tailwind the rest of the course. It was just a really -- for me, I knew that the girls were going to be behind me after the hills, and decided to go as hard as I could with the tailwind and was able to just kind of like hone in.

Q. And you were so far ahead there at the end. Did you know how far ahead you were?
SUSANNAH SCARONI: No, I didn't. I don't like to look behind. I just -- so I just kind of felt like they were coming and had to just go as hard as I could.

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