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March 18, 2017

Anna Nordqvist

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. (In regards to playing the 18th hole; sitting at 11-under for the day.)
ANNA NORDQVIST: It was quite a bit of a waiting there on 18. I was just trying to keep loose. Sat on a pretty good sidehill and I had a 7-iron in, so came off a little bit more left than I expected, but long is not going to be bad spot, especially with the grandstand there.

So get a good drop there and thought I had the last putt.

Q. Played with Stacy and Ariya and kind of flew under the radar. Can you just speak to playing with them for two days and all of a sudden you're the leader?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, I had a great first two days with Stacy and Ariya. I think we were 36-under par as a group for the first two days. Someone seemed to be birdieing almost every hole.

They are fast players. We kept a good pace the last two days. Obviously great to see putts go in and other players playing well. Kind of tried to feed off them a little bit today. Love twosomes. Just seemed to be cruising out there today.

Q. Do you feel like you're a hometown player then and you have some hometown support because of your connection here?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Absolutely. They always say that home is where the heart is, and my heart is definitely still here. I always say I'm a west coast girl and people remind me I'm from Sweden.

But even though I live in Florida now, this definitely feels like home. ASU here and Missy Kaye being the coach now, the team support. My sponsor's here. I have family and friends here, or seemed like family.

So I was staying with friends this week. It's just been a fun week. It's been busy first week back in the U.S., but just always feel special coming back here. I wish I could more often.

Definitely have a big smile on my face this week.

Q. Could you describe that last putt? You thought it was going to go in?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Well, I got a good drop there from the grandstand and hit it really good. Three, four feet out it looked really good. I felt straight off the bat it was a good pace.

Thought I had it, but it's not the end of day. I still shot 61.

Q. College friends that you're staying with?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah. I'm staying with friends that I got to know in college. They're like a family to me.

Q. What do you remember from your 61 back in 2013, and did it feel similar to today?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, that was in Mobile a couple years ago. Also a course I remember you have to be pretty aggressive at.

I feel like I enjoyed it a little bit more today than I did that time. I'm in a better place. I have a great caddie and we just had a good time out there. I feel like I'm in a really good spot.

Sometimes it's not just about the score; it's about enjoying yourself, wanting to be there, and being positive. I feel like I'm in a much better place now than I was back then.

This 61 definitely feels sweeter than the one back in the days, I guess.

Q. It's a Solheim Cup year. How much does that affect your playing this year?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Solheim Cup is my biggest goal this year. Hoping to bring the Cup back to Europe obviously. Not so concerned about making the team, but, you know, I want to be a key player on the team playing for Annika.

Hoping we're going to give the Americans a good match in Des Moines in August.

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