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March 18, 2017

Angel Yin

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. You must be sleeping well so far this week?

Q. Yes.
ANGEL YIN: Actually, I went back last night - afternoon - and I slept -- I could have slept until like the next morning, but my mom brought home food so I was like, Wake up. You've got to wake up. So the power of food is strong.

Q. Because of the good play, I mean, that has you sleeping well as well.
ANGEL YIN: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Q. That helps for sure. You've been in contention on the LET, but does it feel different to be in contention in an LPGA tournament like this?
ANGEL YIN: A little bit. Not a whole lot. I think there are more people here than LET. You barely see people out there.

So you definitely get a bigger crowd in the last few groups. We're not in the last few groups.

Q. We'll see. Does it make you nervous at all? Is this just fun? You're excited?
ANGEL YIN: I'm excited.

Q. Yeah.
ANGEL YIN: I've never been in the last few groups on the LPGA. I played in a few LPGA events, but never like -- I've always mostly tee'd off in the morning on the fourth day. So it's different now.

Q. What's your mindset going into tomorrow?
ANGEL YIN: Just do what I've always been doing this week, for this week. Get here an hour and 20 before and just do my routine and play out.

Q. You normally don't switch things up? Stick to the routine?
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, I'm a very stubborn girl. I don't like to switch.

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