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March 18, 2017

Tyrrell Hatton

Orlando, Florida

Q. Always feels good to finish with a birdie on 18. But especially today. Talk about your round in general.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it was a nice to finish with a birdie. I played really nicely today. Although there's a couple mistakes, but that's easily done around here. The putter was hot again after a pretty cold day yesterday. So, no, really happy with that and hopefully I can take that into tomorrow.

Q. We have seen some lower scores today. Is the way the course is set up that might have been yielding some of these?
TYRRELL HATTON: I don't know, I thought the wind was a bit more difficult today. It was swirling around and hard to judge at times. Tucked a few pins away, which you would expect on the weekend. So, I don't know, really, but I'm just happy with how I played.

Q. You were in contention at Honda, obviously, until Sunday out there. What did you learn maybe from being in contention that you could bring to this week?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I'm was a little bit hard on my self Sunday at Honda. That's the one thing I know I need to get better at. Hopefully, I can just be a bit more patient tomorrow and hopefully have a good day.

Q. Talk about how it feels again to be in contention on the PGA TOUR. What are you looking for tomorrow?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it's a good position to be in going in the final round. The guys have still got eight holes to play, so they can make quite a few birdies between now and the finish, but I just got to focus on my job tomorrow and just go out there and try and be as patient as I can and hopefully continue to hole putts and shoot a good score.

Q. What have you been doing well this week, what about this golf course suits your game?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I really like the golf course. It suits my eye off the tee. It's in fantastic condition. The putter has been pretty hot as well -- for the first and third round anyway, it really bailed me out in the first round, because I played awful. So I'm much happier with where my game has been the last two days and hopefully I can keep giving myself the opportunity tomorrow and keep holing putts.

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