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March 18, 2017

Nelly Korda

Phoenix, Arizona

(In progress.)

NELLY KORDA: I would not be where I am without spending that entire year out there. Symetra, I really grew out there.

Q. Is it a matter of it's tough to string together tournament weeks after tournament weeks as opposed to...
NELLY KORDA: I mean, I played 21 events I think last year, and the year before I played maybe 7.

Q. Yeah.
NELLY KORDA: So that's a huge jump.

So, just getting used to it. I didn't see my coach after every event either. Just getting to know my own swing.

My coach always said the best thing was to be your own coach, so I kind of like made sure we sat down, made sure the things I needed to look after, and just went on like that.

Q. Jessica said after yesterday's round that she was looking forward to going to I think going to dinner with you, because your schedules haven't really meshed to where you've had lot of time on tour yet, right?
NELLY KORDA: No, actually next week is the first week we're rooming together. I had my mom in Bahamas and then I have her here this week as well.

Australia she didn't go, so next week is her first week.

Q. Did you have dinner?
NELLY KORDA: We had lunch.

Q. That's right, it was lunch.
NELLY KORDA: Yeah, just a really good Mexican place. So good.

Q. And what does it mean when you can spend time together on tour?
NELLY KORDA: I mean, for the past couple of years every since she's joined the tour we haven't really been spending a lot of time together, so just getting that bonding time in.

We're really close as it is, so hopefully she doesn't get sick of me. (Laughter.)

Q. I asked her about having a sister on tour, and she says, She's really like my best friend out here.
NELLY KORDA: Yeah, she's definitely my best friend. She's my go-to practically.

Q. I think she used the exact same words.
NELLY KORDA: Yeah. (Laughter.)

Q. Your brother must feel left out. He chose the wrong sport.
NELLY KORDA: When we're in Carlsbad next week he's just going to be playing a tournament an hour outside, and then when we're in Palm Springs - hopefully I play - he's there the same exact week playing his -- it's kind of like a major for the tennis players.

So, yeah, he's going to be playing that exact week. So we're all going to be there playing a tournament.

Q. You're in that, right? You said hopefully. Was there a shuffle before?
NELLY KORDA: I'm not sure. Not sure. Yeah, I'm planning on playing.

Q. Have you ever felt like your sister's shadow has been constricting at all? Like, Oh, she's Jessica's sister? Or has it always been positive?
NELLY KORDA: I think it's always been positive. There is never really anything negative about it. Getting compared to my sister is -- I don't know, there is nothing negative about it.

That's always great. She's won four times out here. The more they compare me the better, I guess.

Q. Does it make it seem more all along it's felt like this is more manageable because you've seen someone who you've grown up with do it? Like some people never know what it's like to see an LPGA winner until you get out here. You grew up with it.
NELLY KORDA: We were saying her rookie year was practically my rookie year because we were going through the same type of emotions. I wanted the best. I was there for her every step of the way, so kind of experiencing that whole situation with her every year.

I mean, I was up -- when she won her first event, I didn't sleep that whole night and I was watching online. My parents and I, we were sitting in the kitchen just watching her streaming live on the computer.

Yeah, we were over the moon. Couple tears. Happy tears, though.

Q. Did your finish in the Bahamas escalate things for you in terms I can win out here quicker than I thought?
NELLY KORDA: It definitely gave me a confidence boost. It's really hard to win out here. As you can see. I shot 21-under in the Bahamas and I finished fifth.

Definitely gave me a big confidence boost. Just going to take this week by week and see what happens.

Q. Did you ever despair last year when you were struggling, like maybe I overestimated what I could do, or did you know eventually if you kept persevering it would come around?
NELLY KORDA: You have to trust the process. My coach, my family, they were all very supportive no matter what position I was in. All they were telling me is just trust the process.

Q. Pretty good advice for anything, actually.
NELLY KORDA: Yes, exactly.

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