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March 18, 2017

Lydia Ko

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. Is it safe to say those putts that you said weren't dropping yesterday were dropping today? Is that the difference?
LYDIA KO: I guess so, yeah, no matter how long the putt is. But I think the putt on the last hole was probably the longest birdie putt, and it was only like 15 feet.

I just gave myself a lot of good opportunities. I don't know if I've had that string of birdies in a row before. I just hit it really close and I was able to get home for two on 11.

I was putting really well, making a good par putt on 12. I had like a foot on 13. I lied, 14 was my longer putt. It was like 25 feet or so.

But then other than that, I think I hit it close, which made it a little bit less stressful.

So, yeah, I obviously was rolling it good. No matter how long the putt is, you always got to put a good stroke on it.

Q. It's crazy when you had all those birdies to hear you talk about how important that par save was on 12, but it does keep the momentum going, right?
LYDIA KO: I think so. I hit probably the worst shot of the day on my second shot on the 10th hole, and then we were both able to make up and down.

On 11 I got on the green for two, but then I like monstered my first putt. Kind of went 12 feet by, but then to hole that one. And then I didn't have the easiest first putt on 12, but nearly went off the green for the first one.

So it was nice to hole that. Almost no matter how you're playing, I think it's almost more important to hole those par putts. Then you're able to keep yourself, be steady, and when the birdie opportunity comes, you know you can putt in the more pressured positions.

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