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March 18, 2017

Kaylin Yost

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. So describe that experience, playing on Saturday at an LPGA event.
KAYLIN YOST: Played with Juli Inkster, which was quite an incredible experience. Unfortunately my game, I just wasn't there. I didn't have any putts drop today.

But I'm excited for tomorrow. Just kind of get the redemption back. Really enjoyed playing with her and just soaking in everything on a Saturday, being into the weekend.

Hopefully tomorrow is all about redemption and moving up the leaderboard.

Q. And you're living in Arizona?
KAYLIN YOST: No. I actually just moved no Amelia Island about a week ago.

Q. Any family or friends out here?
KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, my boyfriend who has been caddying, his grandparents live out here, so we've been staying with them. It was nice that we came out here and kind of have a home environment when we're out here for the week.

It's I think our eighth day of golf with Longbow qualifier and practice rounds, so we've just had a long week. We're tired.

We're going to fight for it tomorrow.

Q. I know you didn't shoot great, but is this just all --
KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, you know --

Q. -- a great experience for you?
KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, I'm laughing. I'm disappointed that I am 2-Under for the LPGA and I'm into the weekend. I know there were a lot of good players that missed the cut. I am just happy to be out here.

Unfortunately my game was where it was today, but I have a lot of golf left tomorrow. Going to go back tomorrow and climb up the leaderboard and hopefully have a good round.

Q. You've been through a lot of challenges in your life. When you decided to quit the jet thing and come back, another challenge wasn't going to shake you.
KAYLIN YOST: No, no, no. Just getting back into it, getting back into the groove. There has been a couple times I've had rough days on the golf course, and I'll never forget my coach would lean over and say, You could be making jet reservations.

Just something as simple as that is what makes me realize I need to be grateful that I'm back out here again.

Q. Did you take up golf in part because your hearing loss wouldn't be as much of a factor in golf as a team sport?
KAYLIN YOST: No, no. Just my grandfather played and my brother plays. Just kind of followed their footsteps. I just use my hearing kind of to an advantage out here.

Q. In what way?
KAYLIN YOST: I used to turn off my hearing aids before every shot. For years I did that. I just got hearing aids that don't allow me to do that as well.

But I played the deaf card out here today. You know, couple times I joked with Juli, you know, I didn't hear that. I just try to make the best of it and make the jokes.

Q. She's a legend. What was that like to play with her?
KAYLIN YOST: Just like playing with a friend. Asked about my life. I felt comfortable. Unfortunately my game didn't show that, but I'm excited. She just wished me good luck tomorrow. It'll be a round that I remember.

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