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September 4, 2005

Kent Jones

John Rollins


Q. Let's go over your birdies and bogies.

KENT JONES: First hole, wedged it to six feet I think and made that.

4, hit a wedge to six inches, so tapped in.

5, hit a 6 iron probably ten feet behind the hole, made that.

7, wedged it to I guess about ten feet, made that put.

11, hit a terrible tee shot, chunked my shot, had 40 yards, pitched it up and made probably a 12 or 15 foot putt downhill for par.

Then on 13, hit it to an inch, tapped in.

14, 15, I hit a wedge to probably five feet and made that.

16, I made kind of a probably, 30 footer and broke eight feet. Looked like it was picking up speed and then it went in, so that was kind of lucky.

Made a really good two put on 17 for par.

And then wedged it to five feet on 18.

Q. So your wedge was hot today?

KENT JONES: Yeah, I was just lucky to be here after Friday. Scrambled to par the last and I was lucky to be here, struggling the first two days and putted great and then all of the sudden today hit it a lot better.

Q. Some things you worked on on the range?

KENT JONES: Not really. Something clicked in my rhythm, I think a little something with my takeaway. And probably my rhythm; it was really good today. Wish I knew why.

Q. Something on the course or before that?

KENT JONES: I think a little bit beforehand but nothing, it just clicked on the course really. Crazy, just all of a sudden everything was good rhythm. We had a good group, good pace today, everything was great.

Q. Did the course play similar to the first two days?

KENT JONES: I think same kind of wind direction. I would think so. Still firming up a little bit. The fairways are starting to firm up, so the ball is starting to run out. I would guess it will be similar tomorrow.

JOHN ROLLINS: I played good, got out of the gate quick, kind of stumbled a little bit on the front. But I actually joked with my caddie at the turn and told him that he was going to see the best 29 on the back nine, and I ended up shooting 28.

I played great on the back, hit the ball great, made some putts, and here we go.

Q. Talk about the bunker shot you holed.

JOHN ROLLINS: I had a great lie, a little bit on the up slope, and just one of those that all you've got to do is get it out on line, onto the green was sloping down to the hole. So just get it out and it will trickle down to the hole. They are makeable when they are on the upslope, and just one of those it happened to go in.

Q. 28, that's a new course record.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, that's what I heard. We have a long ways to go yet. We have one more round to go so I've got to get ready for tomorrow and hopefully continue the good luck I've had on the back nine today and carry that into tomorrow.

Q. When you shoot a 63, a lot of things work well, but if you had to pick one thing?

JOHN ROLLINS: Well, I putted better than I did the first couple of days. I've been hitting the ball pretty good and today I just managed to keep my ball on the right side. The holes always seem to have a lot of uphill, not a lot of movement in some putts, and I managed to hole more than I have the first two days. Then you chip in out of a bunker, to get two shots, so if I had to pinpoint one thing, it's really been the putter today more than anything else.

End of FastScripts.

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