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March 17, 2017

Justin Rose

Orlando, Florida

Q. Talk about your performance today.
JUSTIN ROSE: Up-and-down, as you can tell by the scorecard. Obviously, tough start, hit it in the water on number 3 and then from that point on that rocked me a little bit. But to bounce back is nice. As a player, it's nice to feel like something that is behind you mentally and try and go on and set ourselves a goal. As we're walking up that hole, up the par-5, to see if we could finish 5-under for the tournament, just, not just to try and make the cut, because at that point you're already thinking those thoughts can creep into your head, which is try and be very positive and see if we can do something special. So nearly did it, but yeah it was a fun day.

Q. Three top fours in your last events. You've been successful on the PGA TOUR and you've done it without a really hot putter. However, this season it looks much improved. We saw great examples on 9 and then begin on 10. Do you feel like your game's trending towards winning again?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think so. I hope so. Like I said, putting is something that's stopped me from winning more regularly. So now I'm making more putts and driving it terribly. So to have it all line up is obviously what you need. I'm in no rush, obviously, we know what's coming in the next few weeks, a big event. Obviously, if I can get it, the timing and just the right time, I can get it done.

Q. Talking about Mr. Arnold Palmer, this is your 12th appearance here at the tournament. What's it like being on the ground here this week with him not being here and how are you guys feeling about honoring him this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think, obviously, a few times in my mind it's just in terms of the behavior, I feel like, what would Arnold do, it's such a great inspiration and obviously the MasterCard has the #ArnieWould, so try and live up to sort of how he lived his life I think is a pretty good goal. I try to use that myself positively this week and I think that's what his life should be about. It should be about celebrating him. He lived a long and successful life, and he's obviously going to be, missed, because he's a larger than life character.

Q. Roller coaster day, is that fair?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, that's fair. There was nothing really the typical Rose brand of golf that I'm used to, obviously. It was up-and-down. Obviously three bogeys to start. I take a lot of positives for the way I bounced back from that on 4 and 5 to get my round kick started. Then from that moment on it was flashes of good stuff and still some scrappy stuff. Obviously, for me punctuated by the last hole, great drive, 135 to what looks like a easy pin, and then get very fortunate not to go back in the water, but managed to get it up-and-down for par there. So that was kind of a nice way to finish in the end, although just making some silly mistakes.

Q. You made 118 feet in putts today however. That's a good sign. And you're still in this golf tournament. So those are positives we take forward then?
JUSTIN ROSE: Those are positives we take forward. That's what I've been waiting for. I've actually been waiting to get on some good greens. Obviously, we know the west coast, the greens are good, but they can be bumpy and, obviously, we had some soft weather and a lot of rain, which made them less true than usual. So I've kind of been waiting to get a real good read on my putting. And this week's a great example, the greens are perfect, if you don't make putts here, you know it's you, not the green. So to see stats like that go up on the board gives me a lot of confidence.

Q. Before we let you go, earlier this week you tweeted out a photo of the 2015 Open Championship with you and the King and we're just asking players to share a story a memory or just what a lasting image would be, especially now, 36 under the belt on this property, any stories or thoughts you would like to share?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, I just, I never got to know Arnie well like a lot of players did, but every encounter I had with him he was warm. And I told people that he has an aura about him. A lot of players have auras about them and make you feel uncomfortable, people that have auras, not often do they put you at ease. But Arnie always put you at ease. And I think just the fact that I played in the Friday roll up here at Bay Hill a couple of times when I lived here in Orlando, and he would just be here hanging with the boys. And to love the game as he did at the age of whatever it was, 75, 80, and he was still bumping it around the course here, still taking five bucks off the guys, still having a couple of drinks in the bar. That to me epitomizes love for the game of golf.

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