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March 17, 2017

Trevon Bluiett

Quentin Goodin

J.P. Macura

Tyrique Jones

Orlando, Florida

THE MODERATOR: We'll open it up to questions.

Q. This one's for Tre: After you guys got after some tape, whether that was last night or tonight, it seems like there are great matchups up and down the lineups for both teams. What was your evaluation of FSU after you got a chance to watch them on tape?
TREVON BLUIETT: They're a really good team. Really, really good team. Very athletic. They've got a lot of size, play well together. They like to run up and down, quick-pace type of game, and they're very physical as well.

So I feel like it's going to be a physical game, and we've got to try to contain them as best as possible.

Q. This is for J.P., Tyrique, or Quentin, any of you guys: Was there a moment in time in practice when you figured out Tre is pretty darn good?
J.P. MACURA: Yeah, when I was a freshman and we both came in and I couldn't guard him at all. Coach Mack got frustrated with me because he would beat me baseline every time. I've done a little bit better job now. I can keep him in front of me a little bit, but he's a great player.


TYRIQUE JONES: It started off, I think, a couple of practices in, I got switched on to Tre. He hit me with a crossover. I spun around, and he made the shot. I was like, damn, he's really good.


QUENTIN GOODIN: I don't have really any personal experience guarding Tre, but I've always known he was a great player.

Q. Quentin, could you just kind of take us through the last 10, 12 games. Edmond goes down, and you've assumed a different role. How have you been able to process that, and the confidence your teammates have given you assuming that role?
QUENTIN GOODIN: My teammates have a lot of confidence in me. I want to fill some of the parts where Ed left off. I'm not the same player as Ed, but I feel I can do some of the things that Ed could do. At this point in the Tournament, I'm just trying to play to the best of my ability.

Q. Tyrique, have you faced a team this year, probably not as tall as Florida State, but is there anybody similar you can think of that has similar height to Florida State that you've faced this year?
TYRIQUE JONES: Probably Justin Patton from Creighton. You've got 7'4", 7'1", 6'10" on Florida State, so, no, not really.

Q. What's the challenge of that, of just the height difference?
TYRIQUE JONES: Just playing our style of basketball, tough, crashing the glass. That's basically it.

Q. Going back to the first question I asked, this one's for Tre: When did you know you'd play at a high level and compete with the best in the country?
TREVON BLUIETT: When did I? I mean, just growing up, my dad has always kind of instilled confidence in me. So pretty much ever since I started playing competitively, I've always thought I could play with the best of them. It's just all about going out and believing in yourself, having confidence in yourself, and not being scared to show your abilities.

So pretty much ever since I've been playing.

Q. Quentin, in my estimation, I thought you've been effective at driving at bigs over the last three to five games. Does the fact that Florida State is maybe a little bit taller than teams you've seen? Certainly like DePaul comes to mind. Does that change your approach in any way?
QUENTIN GOODIN: Offensively, I feel like we're all going to have the same mindset. We're going to stay aggressive, but we've got to play smarter. They're a denying team. They stay out in their lane. So we've got to take care of the ball better than we did the first game. So I feel like our aggression stays the same.

Q. Your video staff does a great job taping the game of Florida State last night, breaking it down so you and Coach Mack can watch it quickly. How big of a factor is it for you guys when you turn around to see a new opponent, the way they break the film down for you?
QUENTIN GOODIN: I feel like it really helps the team out a lot. Not going in blind-sided. Not knowing what to expect really would not benefit us. So having them break down film, have us watch personnel, I feel like it helps us out a lot.


TYRIQUE JONES: Like Q said, I think it helps us a lot. Just learn who we're going to be facing, going up against, learn what they do best and how to guard them and how to stop them.


J.P. MACURA: I would have to agree with them. Our video coordinators do a great job of breaking down the film, and if they show you their tendencies and what they like to do and when they're put in certain situations, when they turn the ball over or whatever, I think that really helps us as a team and a staff.

THE MODERATOR: Trevon, anything to add?

TREVON BLUIETT: Just to piggy-back off of them, I think our video staff is effective and efficient. They give it to us straight what we need to know -- their strengths, their weaknesses, everything we need to know to win a basketball game. I think they do a great job.

THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you very much. Good luck, guys.

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