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March 17, 2017

Terri Williams-Flournoy

Janiah McKay

Katie Frerking

Austin, Texas

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Auburn. I will let Coach begin with a brief comment.

TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: We knew NC State was a very good team and that they could score. We did a good job at times but we didn't do a good job enough to stop them from scoring, and we struggled scoring as well, but we continued to play hard, and that's who we are. We were relentless all the way to the end.

Q. Thank you, Coach. We will take questions for Katie Frerking and Janiah McKay.
Q. For most of the game you really weren't able to force turnovers. I think in the end the numbers were about the same. Were they better at handling it than most?
KATIE FRERKING: I think we weren't as aggressive as we should have been at times. We weren't rotating like we should have been, and it's tough when we can't get our press set up like we wanted to. So I think that was a little bit of an issue, but, I mean, I will give them credit. They did a great job of handling it, at times, but we needed to pick up our aggressiveness a little bit.

Q. (No microphone.)
KATIE FRERKING: I think we just couldn't get shots to fall. Our offense got a little bit stagnant. We were standing around, not cutting hard. I thought we got looks at times; we just couldn't get it to fall.

Q. Additional questions for the student athletes? Can you comment on your overall season, reaching the NCAA Tournament, your overall season as a whole?
JANIAH McKAY: This season, it was tough but, you know, we fought like Coach said to the end, and I'm happy that some of the newcomers got a chance to experience the NCAA Tournament. This is a culture that we want to continue to fit for Auburn's women's basketball, and we want to just get back to the grind and just keep playing.

Q. Thank you. Katie?
KATIE FRERKING: I think it was an interesting season. It was a little bit of a roller coaster. We had some good wins, a lot of close games and some tough losses, and it's a long season, and that happens, but I'll say I've played here four years, and this is my favorite team I've ever played on here, because we are relentless.

And no matter what came against us, no matter what we faced, we always bounced back, and we had 13, 14, 15 girls who just wanted to be out there, and we loved each other, and we just played hard. It was a good season. I'm proud of everybody.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, ladies. Questions for Coach, please.

Q. Why was it so tough most of the game to turn them over?
TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: NC State did a very good job. You're looking at four experienced point guards, four seniors. It's very hard to rattle them. They've been through a lot, and they did a very good job. They spread us out a little bit, but just like Katie said, NC State gets kudos for taking care of the basketball.

Q. Did you see the NC State team that you scouted? Did they do anything different?
TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: No, they were the same NC State team, and that's Wes. Wes does a very good job. He's a very good coach. He doesn't really have to change too much of what he does. He stays grounded to what he does, and what they do, they do it extremely well. When you've got good shooters, it kind of helps you, a lot.

Q. You didn't give up fast break points. The press didn't create turnovers.
TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: They score in transition, if it's there, but usually they're a good half court team that can put five people on the floor that can score at any time.

Q. What are your thoughts on -- (No microphone.)
TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: The scouting report said she was a scorer. On every catch she is a threat to score, and that we saw.

THE MODERATOR: Additional questions? Thank you, Coach.

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