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March 16, 2017

Kellie Harper

Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa - 95, Missouri State - 74

KELLIE HARPER: Well, for us it's a season-ending game and it's never easy and never fun. So proud of our team and our effort and our fight. Congratulations to Iowa for the win and for advancing. They obviously were really good offensively today. When your first quarter shooting percentage is 50 something and it's the lowest of the game, then you're on to something. So we just had a hard time guarding them from a lot of different areas.

Q. Talk about that hard time guarding them, especially inside, how much did their size give you trouble?
KELLIE HARPER: I think their size did, but also I think their first step on the perimeter gave us some problems. They were really aggressive offensively getting to the paint off the dribble, but they had pretty good balance with getting it to the paint off the pass as well. So, we tried pressure, we tried sagging, we tried a little bit of everything, we just couldn't find anything that would work.

Q. How would you evaluate Ally Disterhoft? She ended up as the Iowa career scoring leader.
KELLIE HARPER: I've seen Ally play many years now, even before she got to Iowa. So I've always been a fan, I've always enjoyed watching her play. She's so fundamentally sound and skilled and is very aggressive, but on the flip side is unselfish. It crossed my mind, in the first half, there was a fast break opportunity, I thought she should have gotten to the basket, and she dished. And I'm thinking, this kid's going to try to break a record and she's passing the ball. So I've always had a lot of respect for her game.

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