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March 16, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Orlando, Florida

Q. Five birdies today, round of 4-under, good start to the tournament. Tell us about your day.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, it was a good day. Hit a lot of fairways and then made a few putts and, obviously, shooting 4-under par out here is a pretty good round. I got away with a couple loose ones coming in and was able to post a 4-under 68. Got a good break this afternoon with the weather, there's no question about that.

Q. No tingling in the fingers then?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, there's not.

Q. So you had a pretty good finish a few weeks ago in L.A., top-5, did you find something there that sparked your good form?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Just more mental than anything, just sort of, I mean, not having any reserve, just go after it. If you're going to play bad, you might as well go down swinging sort of thing. I think I might have been a little bit conservative early in the year and just sort of been going at more pins and being a little more aggressive.

Q. Has this tournament this week had a different feel? It's more of a celebration without Mr. Palmer around? What have you experienced from your point of view?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, obviously, Arnie's, what he's done for the game speaks for itself, but everybody's showing up here this week and sort of remembering him makes it a special week. There's no question you want to play well, no matter what week you tee it up, but this was definitely one that you want to play well at.

Q. Stay warm tomorrow morning.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I appreciate it. Thanks.

Q. If you had to point at some specifics that were working well for you out there, what were they?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I drove the ball in play for the most part so, I was able to go after these greens. Everybody knows the rough's up a little bit here and the shots I missed I had shots at the green, which is a little bit lucky, don't want to try that tomorrow. But gave myself some opportunities, made some good birdies and a couple good par saves and it all equalled up to a 68.

Q. When you get off to a good solid start like you did, what does that do for you mentally heading into tomorrow?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, I've been hitting the ball well all year, it's just a matter of getting a few putts to drop. And I got a few putts to drop early, which is always a nice feeling, and any time I can make a few on the green, it seems like I play pretty well.

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