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March 16, 2017

Kaylin Yost

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. Where you been?
KAYLIN YOST: I mean, whoo. I graduated two years ago; I played on the Symetra Tour for a year and just struggled out there. I gave up golf. I got a full-time job at a company called JetSmarter, like uber for jets. Really cool company.

Q. JetSmarter?
KAYLIN YOST: JetSmarter. Awesome company.

Q. What did you do there?
KAYLIN YOST: I ran the shuttle. They had shuttles all over the country.

Because it was a starter company I was right underneath. If I would've stayed with it I would've been at the top, but just those hours and everything, and I think I only played golf four times in that year. I was missing it.

I would see girls on the Symetra Tour and LPGA posting pictures all over. I was like, Gosh. I took it for granted when I was out there, so I'm back out.

I was just telling my caddie I think a year ago I said, Okay, I'm going to start playing again. Kind of nice to be out here. I went through Q-School. Didn't play very well in the second stage.

Got to kind of see what Symetra events I get into. We did four Monday qualifiers last year; didn't get into any of them. I think our attitude going into this Monday qualifier was like, Let's just see what happens. It's bound to happen one day. Everything seemed to click. It's really good to be out here.

Q. How did you feel about your round today?
KAYLIN YOST: The fact that I hit a good tee shot, that's what I was most nervous about, and I birdied the first hole.

I just kind of stayed focused on one shot. Did a lot of praying. Talked to Cris Stevens the chaplain out here on the LPGA, and she just sent me some Bible versus about calm and patience. Just kind of stuck with me today.

And my caddie, we work really well. He just kept me in the moment. Great round. I'm excited.

Q. PXG is the new thing.
KAYLIN YOST: New thing. Literally just switched the irons maybe three weeks ago. Monday was my first tournament with them. Shows right there. Today it just shows -- I was struggling with my irons probably the last six and a half months. Went with PXG, and I can't say enough about them.

Feel is amazing and I'm just excited.

Q. Tell me how it came about that you end up with PXG. Go to Phoenix?
KAYLIN YOST: No, in Atlanta there was a club hitter and I told him, Look, I want to try PXG, but I want to try everything. Everyone has been talking about how good PXG is, and my irons, I was just really struggling with them.

Just at the fitting and the numbers and just the way they felt, PXG was the best. I'm excited. Yeah, couple weeks and then Monday was my first tournament with them. I just had a lot of confidence with my irons, which I've been lacking.

Q. How does it work that you're wearing the ensemble?
KAYLIN YOST: I'm just wearing it. No sponsorship.

Q. Not getting paid?
KAYLIN YOST: No. Not getting paid or anything. I wrote PXG and I met Josh -- is it Josh? The rep that was here. I told him, I'm not getting paid, but it shows. I switched to the club and I've had good rounds, two under-par rounds.

So we'll see. No sponsorship, but we'll see what happens down the road.

Q. Any nerves coming into today?
KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, yesterday on the range I was just not hitting it well. I think my nerves got to me yesterday more because it was more crowded on the range and just everybody was there. That's when I asked Cris Stevens if I could have lunch with her and just kind of talk to her.

And then today, praise the Lord, I didn't really feel too nervous on the driving range. I did have some jitters on the first tee.

It worked out well.

Q. You've struggled through some adversity. Can you share that with us?
KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, I was born with dislocated hips and the doctors told my parents I wouldn't be able to walk, ride a bike.

So in the first 16 months of my life I was in a body cast. Did two major surgeries and I'm walking today. So it worked out well.

Because of my hips, they didn't find out about my hearing until I was two. I've been wearing a hearing aid since I was two. I wouldn't change it for the world, having hearing aids.

I actually just found out like a year ago I'm going to represent USA for the Deaf Olympics in Turkey this summer. Everyone is saying, I'm getting ready for the Solheim Cup; I'm getting ready for the Deaf Olympics.

Q. That's really cool. Congratulations.
KAYLIN YOST: Thank you.

Q. Have you done lying like that before?
KAYLIN YOST: Never done anything -- I actually didn't even know there was like a whole Deaf Golf Association until probably within the last like half of the year.

I mean, there are deaf associations all over the country. I played in a tournament this past summer at the SE Deaf Golf Tournament, and they were so welcoming.

Because I don't know full sign language it was a language barrier, because I have hearing and I don't know sign language, so I am learning so I can communicate.

Great following down there. Really supportive. Because of that tournament, kind of opened up more opportunities like the Deaf Olympics.

Q. So when I wrote about you a long time ago you had gotten new hearing aids.
KAYLIN YOST: Didn't turn them off. I still have the same ones. I am actually needing some need hearing aids. I definitely think my next (indiscernible) I'll be able to turn them off.

Sometimes I do, if it gets too loud I will turn them off.

Q. Just curious about that.
KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, I still have them off. I prefer to turn them off before each shot.

Q. Interesting. What is your plan for the rest of the week then, game plan?
KAYLIN YOST: Game plan? Get some food -- just kidding. I think just taking one shot at the time. Staying in the moment. I don't want to get too ahead of myself. Today does put me in a good position to get into the weekend.

I just want to take one shot at a time. There is a whole 'nother 18 out here. So I think just staying in the moment.

Q. Where did you Monday qualify last year?
KAYLIN YOST: Oh, last year. Let's see, my first one of California.

Q. Kia?
KAYLIN YOST: Was that the Kia? Swinging Skirts?

Q. Okay.
KAYLIN YOST: So I did that one. I just had quit my job, and my boyfriend, who is also my caddie, says, Why don't you just play? I was like, I haven't even touched a club. So that was a starting one, that one. I did Prattville, Alabama, Arkansas, and Kingsmill.

Q. Got you.
KAYLIN YOST: And I didn't U.S. Open qualify. Just nothing ever seemed to click. Like we said going into this Monday, it's bound to happen, so.

Q. Your job with the hours and stuff...
KAYLIN YOST: Because it was a starter company, like my contract was like 9:00 to 5:00. I think the hours is what got me. I would get to the office at night and I would stay there late, 8:00, 9:00, and then twice or once a week we did 24-hour call because we have people all over.

The company was awesome, but when you go from playing golf every day and then you're answering phone calls and on the computer dealing with people and stuff.

The company is cool. I got to fly a private jet once. I enjoyed it. It's a really cool company. Uber for jets. A lot of celebrities and stuff.

They were really supportive. I told my boss when I started feeling like, I'm like, Look, I'm not -- you got to do what your heart wants you to do.


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