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March 15, 2017

Jim Leyland

San Diego, California

United States - 4, Venezuela - 2

Q. Can you talk about the 8th inning and how Odor's error sparked the team?
JIM LEYLAND: Well, I think Jones really got us going, and then we cashed in on a big one by a world champion, obviously. It was a great game. I know that's easy for us to say. We won the game, but it was. It was a great game.

I thought our pitching did a tremendous job. I started with Drew Smyly, you couldn't ask for anything more. He was absolutely terrific. He threw away a bunt or he wouldn't have given up anything. But I thought our pitching did a terrific job.

Q. Why take him out, Smyly?
JIM LEYLAND: Oh, well, this is the second round, and you're allowed 80 pitches, but Drew, where he's at in Spring Training, was not ready to throw anywhere near 80 pitches, so we were going to throw him 60 to 65 at the most, and that's obviously why I took him out. We were talking to the Seattle organization. We knew that we were only going to get 60, 65 pitches out of him, and we got 65, 63, I think, maybe. We got 63 really good ones.

Q. You guys are down the whole game, and then two big swings in the 8th, and it turned quickly on the dime. What was the emotion change like in the dugout as the 8th inning unfolded?
JIM LEYLAND: Well, this is a team that we're very professional. Everybody was absolutely, you know, ecstatic, obviously. When Jones hits the home run, then when Hosmer hit it, it was even more.

But we won a game. We won a game against an unbelievable lineup. So you take this one. We've got a day off tomorrow. We enjoy it. We're going to come back and play Friday against a team that's been really, really playing good. So it doesn't get any easier. All these teams that are here now are outstanding teams.

So we're going to enjoy this one, and that's the good thing about baseball and the bad thing about baseball. If you win one like this, you don't get long to enjoy it. But if you lose one, you come back and normally play tomorrow. In this case, we're not playing tomorrow. But we're going to enjoy this one.

Q. Jim, you've been to a lot of really great atmospheres in a World Series. What was it like for this one tonight? The 16,000 at times sounded like 60.
JIM LEYLAND: I thought the people were into it pretty good. We're obviously trying to get the United States into it a little bit more. I think the other countries have been, up to this point, into it more. Hopefully we're going to set a little bit of a tone here where we'll pick up.

The longer we can hang in there and stay in this thing, it could pick up a little bit more. We're certainly hoping for that. But we appreciate anybody that's rooting for us. We really appreciate that.

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