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March 15, 2017

Stephen Brown

Zach Thomas

Nana Foulland

Buffalo, New York

THE MODERATOR: Okay. We are joined by Bucknell University student-athletes. From right to left. Stephen Brown, Nana Foulland and Zach Thomas. Same rules apply. Please silence your cell phones. Raise your hand if you have a question, we'll get a microphone you to. Please wait for the mike to get there.

Please give your name and your affiliation and if possible, please direct your question to which student-athletes you would like to answer. We'll go ahead and get started and we'll get a microphone to you.

Q. Hi, guys. I guess first of all, welcome to Buffalo. And just obviously the snow here has been a story. I just wonder if you guys -- how your trip was here and your travel here and what that process was like for you guys?
ZACH THOMAS: It was good. Took us a little longer than normal obviously, but we had a nice little police escort going for us, so, you know, we got here safely and it was good.

THE MODERATOR: Anybody else want to add to that?

STEPHEN BROWN: Not really.

Q. I know you're used to snow, so it's nothing new.
ZACH THOMAS: We got a lot down in Lewisburg too. We avoided a little more actually coming up here.

THE MODERATOR: We'll go in the back there.

Q. Stephen, have you faced anyone this year, pressures like you've seen, what West Virginia does on film, and do you adjust anything, in the way that you play, or do you anticipate that when you're going to be seeing them tomorrow?
STEPHEN BROWN: Yeah. I mean, early on in the year, we played a couple teams that pressured, played Manhattan. Mount St. Mary's who also pressured a little bit and a couple in in our league pressured here and there.

Then what we do with that, guys get open, make outlets, just being smart with the ball, looking for outlets and the coaches do a really good job of preparing us. Just looking at film, looking at different options that other teams have done successfully against a team that also pressures. So, going into it, I think, we're really prepared for what they have for us, knowing about their pressure, and also experiencing pressure early on this season, I think also helps, too.

Q. What's the biggest progression you think you've made as a team this year, starting the beginning of the season until now?
STEPHEN BROWN: I think the biggest progression for us this year has been defensively. Since our class has been here, we kind of struggled defensively in the half court. I think we did a really good job focusing on the defensive end, helping out, and we have Nana inside, both Nana and Zach inside. Huge presence in communicating. I think all of the guys did a really good job of knowing their roles and knowing their spots, and the coaches have done a really good job of helping us, figuring out what to do on defense, and, you know, just being more scrappy, I think, this year. And, you know, just guarding our guy, guarding our ball, guarding ball screens, so we done a really good job on that, focusing on that, and it really helped us in the season.

Q. Question for Nana. I'm just kind of wondering, just from doing some research, you seemed like you're a guy that kind of progressed late in high school, kind of came on late, and then your game has obviously continued to progress at Bucknell, and, you know, winning Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year. I wonder if you can kind of talk about your progression and how you've helped into the player that you have at Bucknell?
NANA FOULLAND: Well, in high school, I was playing behind Donovon Jack, who went to Penn State, played with Penn State. And I didn't get a lot of time, because I was playing behind him, and also my game wasn't as well-developed yet. I just kept working hard, and eventually I was able to play my junior and senior year of high school, and I was able to get scholarship offers. And Bucknell being one of the, of course, I committed here and just kept work ethic. Didn't want to waiver, so just kept working hard, working hard, and I guess here I am now.

THE MODERATOR: Reminding you're allowed to one follow-up question as well.

Q. Yeah, for Nana and Zach. Just wondering what you're expecting from West Virginia, West Virginia's defense? What are you expecting? Are you expecting it to be rough or what?
ZACH THOMAS: Yeah, I mean, we know that they love to press. They force the most turnovers in the country. We know that. We also know they have big guys that are strong and physical inside, which is -- playing bigger teams like this is not the same as when we play league play. Our nonconference schedule I think prepared us for that.

So, you know, we know it's going to be a physical game, but we've been practicing all week, preparing for it, and hopefully that will help us out and come game time, we'll be ready.

THE MODERATOR: Nana, anything to add?

NANA FOULLAND: No. I agree with that.

THE MODERATOR: Always a good answer. Other questions for Bucknell student-athletes? Okay. Not seeing any more, I will remind you that Jon Terry is the sports information director, right over here on my left, your right, who is here and can help you with any other need you have for Bucknell. Gentlemen, appreciate your time, best of luck tomorrow against West Virginia. And Bucknell head coach Nathan Davis will be up at 12:20.

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