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March 13, 2017

Yoshihito Nishioka

Indian Wells, California

Y. NISHIOKA/T. Berdych

1-6, 7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. At what point did you start thinking you could win this match?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I mean, I was down 1-6, 2-5, and, you know, I tried to do my best, but today I couldn't figure out how can I beat Berdych.

But down 2-5, I tried to find a way, and then I think he give me a little bit chances. So I find a way, and then just keep trying to every point. Then he show me, like, a little bit angry, a little bit feeling tired. So, you know, I figured out how to win from down 2-5.

And then my body feeling like I cannot move, like, that much, but just stay on focus and try fight. And then I find a way.

Q. (Question indiscernible.)
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, yeah, today is wonderful coming back. But beginning, you know, I didn't play my best tennis, but this is, I think, not technique and just on mentality much, and then I never lost my mentality. That's why I think I won today.

Q. Did you on court think that I can win this?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, actually, down 2-5 and I was thinking, I think today I can win, but, you know, I never stop to try.

Little by little, I find a way, and then one break and then maybe I had a chance. And then I break again. And then -- or maybe I can coming back. Little by little, I figure out.

Q. You figured it out. Did you change something? Did you modify something in your game?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: No. Actually, I didn't change. But I can see a little bit he's nervous. And then he missing, like, couple, like unforced errors. I just focus on try to make a lot ball. And he hit winner, okay, that's okay.

But I can see he don't want to rally, like, long. So I just try to, like, long rally and then he did many -- starting many unforced errors.

Q. Did that surprise you, how nervous he was? Because he's a veteran player who has been on tour for a long time. Seems unusual that he would be nervous and have those issues. Did that catch you off-guard?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: But I think last match against Fratangelo, the time he was, I think, nervous, as well, on the second set. So I can see he's going to be nervous. So, I mean, I didn't know he gonna do, like, unforced errors like today. But, yeah, but I know he gonna be nervous. I knew it.

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