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March 14, 2017

Kyron Cartwright

Rodney Bullock

Emmitt Holt

Jalen Lindsey

Dayton, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Rodney Bullock, Emmitt Holt, Jalen Lindsey and Kyron Cartwright.

Q. Just curious, Rodney at least to start, you were obviously a crucial part of that game last year, as I'm sure you remember, toward the end. Could you tell me what you think perhaps you can carry over from having a successful experience like that last year to this year?
RODNEY BULLOCK: Last year, that was a great experience. Leading on to this year, what we can pass on is just the energy we had and just how close we were going into that game. I felt like it helped us, and just hopefully we just need to make shots and just carry out our game plan, I think we'll be fine.

Q. Emmitt, how has the break been? You've obviously not played since Thursday. So almost a full week in between. The time off, how has that helped you guys?
EMMITT HOLT: I think it helped us a lot. We regrouped. Got a lot of rest. We're working on the simple stuff -- passing, catching, shooting -- so all that's going to carry over into the game.

Q. You guys have both played in three years worth of NCAA Tournament games. How much does experience factor into preparing for a game like tomorrow night?
JALEN LINDSEY: I think it definitely factors into it a lot, because it helps us lead the younger guys who haven't been here, some of the other guys who haven't been here that much, so we can kind of guide them through it and what they need to do, what we need to do as a team. So it definitely helps.

KYRON CARTWRIGHT: Sometimes there's a lot of jitters around the game. Some people are young. Sometimes they get nervous. The NCAA Tournament is -- it's not like any other -- it's not even like a conference game, it's something different. You just gotta play in one to experience it. And I think with our experience, we can kind of help those guys get their heads right, be able to focus and things like that.

Q. Kyron and Jalen, what have you told the younger guys about what to expect?
JALEN LINDSEY: Stay focused. Follow the scouting report. Listen to the coaches. Just gotta come in and be relaxed. You can't come in and be all jittery and nervous, just come in play your game. It's just another game. Obviously it's for different stakes but it's just another game.

KYRON CARTWRIGHT: Just told the young guys they've got to expect the other team to play just as hard as we will, giving it up 100 percent every play. And that's what I expect from them, because at the end of the day whoever is on that left-side win column is going to keep playing and whoever isn't gets to pack it up and go home.

Q. Jalen, picked ninth preseason. You guys, I don't think, ever thought you would be ninth. When did you think that the NCAA Tournament was a possibility?
JALEN LINDSEY: We always thought it was a possibility from the beginning. That's our goal.

We came in expecting to make it. But you never know. But we're blessed to be in this opportunity. So we'll definitely take advantage of it.

Q. Kyron, specifically for you, but any of the other guys can also answer, last game of the Big East Tournament against Creighton obviously was a little bit of a struggle for you guys in terms of turnovers and free throws. What have you guys talked about and how have you addressed some of the issues you had late in the season?
KYRON CARTWRIGHT: I felt that a lot of those turnovers were on me. I think I had six of them. Unfortunately had something with my family, but I thought when I came back I felt a half-step slower. But with the time I've been able to give back with the team I feel like I've came back to how I was before, and I think I'll be able to limit the turnovers.

Q. Kyron, you obviously played against McLaughlin last year, know him a little bit. Can you just talk about his game and going up against him. It's a good point guard matchup?
KYRON CARTWRIGHT: Not just him. A lot of those guys from the Southern California area, grew up playing against a lot of those guys. This is probably fifth or sixth time playing against him.

People underestimate his athleticism. He's really athletic. It doesn't always show all the time, but he's a quick, crafty guard, has a variety of ways to finish, and he's a pretty good player.

Q. Emmitt, first year with the team now here in the NCAA Tournament in Dayton. You fly in yesterday. What's this experience been like for you?
EMMITT HOLT: It's been a great experience ever since I touched down on campus I felt like a family bond has been made. These guys are like my brothers. And I couldn't see going through it with anybody else.


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