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March 12, 2017

Chase Elliott

Kyle Larson

Las Vegas, Nevada

THE MODERATOR: Today we are joined by No.42 Kyle Larson, driver of the Target Chevrolet, second‑place finisher, and then third‑place finisher Chase Elliott in the NAPA Chevrolet.
Kyle, since you finished second, go ahead and tell us how your day went.
KYLE LARSON: Our day was really solid. I think we finished second in the first stage, third in the second stage and then finished second here in the race. So super happy with how our season has gotten started. Way better than where I've ever started a season. I'm really happy about that, proud of our team. Had fun today. You know, the stages were really exciting, or the ends of them, because of the way the cautions fell and different pit strategies and stuff, people staying out, made it exciting taking off.
Really liking the format change and all that.
Had fun, hopefully we can keep these top 5s rolling and maybe get a win or two here shortly.
THE MODERATOR: Chase, tell us how your day went.
CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, we had a really solid car all day. I felt like we were maybe just a tick off Brad and the 78 and just needed a little bit more. I'm not ‑‑ to kind of get back and think about what we needed and where we needed to be better at. Had a poor restart there at the end and kind of got behind, but got lucky to kind of end up where we did with what happened.
I'm really proud of the way we have performed. Our pit stops have been great, our cars have been good. Been able to run solidly in the top 5 the past couple weeks, which is great for me and our team, and we just got to keep that going and find that next little bit.

Q. You were out here testing earlier for a Goodyear tire test. Speeds were up. How was the car performing today versus when you were out here testing?
KYLE LARSON: Real similar. You know, just 39 other people on the racetrack at the same time. You know, it was still Vegas and hadn't really changed a whole lot. Goodyear brought a tire that was real similar I thought to kind of what our baseline test was, the baseline tire that we had here the majority of the time. You know, it was real consistent I thought from what we saw then.

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