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March 11, 2017

Angelique Kerber

Indian Wells, California

A. KERBER/A. Petkovic

6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You have known her a long time. What's that rivalry like with Andrea like at this point in your careers?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You mean the match?

Q. Match and more generally, yeah.
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, of course it was not so easy to play against her, and we know each other very long. We are both up-and-downs in our careers.

I was trying today just focusing more on my side of the tennis court. Just being focused on my game, because I think the last three years I lose here in the first round, so that was also something in my mind that I would like to change this year and just go through it.

So that's why I'm happy to be in the next round.

Q. Andrea Petkovic when speaking to press just now said she was thinking two steps ahead, because she anticipated you knowing her game and knowing where her balls were going to go. So when you're saying you were focusing on your own game, was there still an element of just intuitively knowing where she was going go?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, because we both know how we are playing.

I was trying not thinking too much. I was trying to playing my game and just -- yeah, actually, I was not thinking too much about her game. I was not thinking two steps ahead.

I was really trying to being on the moment and on this point and just, yeah, going for it when I have the chance, because I knew that I have to be aggressive, moving good against her and, yeah, just going for it, maybe. And serving good, that was also, I think, a big key on the match for me.

Q. You said losing here was on your mind. Was also just getting a match win under your belt when you're going to be No. 1 tomorrow also in the back of your mind?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: No, that was actually -- because my goal for here and for this trip was not in my mind to becoming the No. 1. It's more like coming here, winning matches, having the feeling again on court.

This was more on my mind, because, yeah, it was losing the last three years here in the first round, so that's why I would like to change it again and have the feeling winning here, matches. And, yeah, that's what was in my mind.

Q. I think a lot of us find Andrea an interesting personality. You have known her for so long. How would you describe or characterize her personality off the court?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Yeah, I mean, she's completely different to me. That's why I think we are so close to each other.

Yeah, I think we start the same age playing tennis, and we was traveling together a lot, and we spent a lot of time off court.

So I think we know each other so well that I know her, I know how she is, I know how when she needs maybe a few minutes for herself. I know she's joking all the time. You can laugh with her.

So I think just that we, yeah, going the way sometimes together and spending a lot of time also during the Fed Cups and, yeah, talking a lot about everything. So that's why I think we know each other so well.

She's a funny girl, I think, everybody knows.

Q. Do you think there are a lot of other tennis personalities like her on the women's tour?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I think she's really special. I mean, she is her own character. But I think that everybody on tour has her own special way to be.

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