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March 12, 2017

Carlos Marti

Tokyo, Japan

ISRAEL 4, Cuba 1

Q. You just played the first game of the second round. You scored first but the result is something you don't want. What's in your mind right now?
CARLOS MARTI: Good afternoon. That was a good ballgame. We were trying to score till last inning, but our opponent's pitcher pitched very well and was very effective against us. Our offense is not in good condition. That's why we couldn't score more than one run.

Q. Israel's pitchers, I have an impression that after their second pitcher, Goldberg, you had a tough time. How do you feel about it?
CARLOS MARTI: I don't quite get your question. Would you please ask again.

Q. Cuba says third pitcher gave up a lot of walks. How do you feel about your pitcher, especially for the bullpen?
CARLOS MARTI: Yes, our pitchers, the reason why we lost today is our pitchers's location. We issued too many walks. They got a stolen base three times in the first four innings, and the fact is, our location is not good.

Q. You have a day off, and you have another game, playing against Japan. What are the points you'd like to fix for the day after tomorrow's game against Japan?
CARLOS MARTI: The day after tomorrow, the game against Japan, it's a very important game. Of course, we'd like to -- Team Japan is one of the most tough teams in the WBC tournament. Team Japan don't have a weakness. They have a great defense. They swing very hard and all the pitchers have talent. We all recognize that Japan is a tough opponent. On the other hand, we will try to do our best and get the win.

Q. Day after tomorrow, you have a game against Japan. Who is the probable starter for the game against Japan? That's my first question. The second question is, Despaigne has a home run, and for the defensive substitution with the second baseman, that approach was very conservative. Are you that guy to send a sacrifice bunt? Did you send a sign for a sacrifice bunt?
CARLOS MARTI: For the first question, we did not decide yet for the starting pitcher for the next game. We have to discuss with the pitcher, the pitching coach. Of course, we will send to the mound the most good-conditioned pitcher.

Second question, if you think that our -- if you think it's too conservative, we accept your opinion. On the other hand, the hitter is not as he's supposed to be, so we'll try to send the runner for the next base. That's why I sent a sacrifice bunt. That's our strategy. The result was something I don't deserve, but that's what it is.

Q. Your bullpen pitcher, second pitcher, third pitcher, fourth pitcher, they had a tough time to have location. They each gave up walks. Do you know the reason why they issued a lot of walks? Maybe one of the weaknesses is the opponent has a right hitter, left hitter, right hitter, left hitter for the lineup; that's why?
CARLOS MARTI: Yes, well, our pitchers, they struggled today, and at least I can say, today's game, the strike zone it's difficult for our pitcher to adjust to the strike zone. If I correct the count, we issued seven walks, and in an international match at such a high level as the WBC, that's too many walks for such high-level, international matches.

Q. You've kind of developed a reputation as an underdog that everyone seems to be underrated. Do you feel at this point it's time for people to stop treating you like an underdog?
CARLOS MARTI: Yes, before the game started, I didn't expect that -- we didn't know until we played that Israel had a lot of -- had such good talented players. We watched and we got some scouting report from Israel's previous game. But when we played against Israel today, I realized Israel's level is high.

I think that Israel had the possibility to go after the semifinal round out of this pool. Especially their pitchers, some of their pitchers are very high-level and as good as Major League Baseball level. That's how I feel.

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