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March 11, 2017

Edwin Rodriguez

Javier Baez

Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Puerto Rico - 9, México - 4

Q. Javy, you looked a little bit out of concentration before the home run with the people. Was there something or getting up to date with the fight with the fans?
JAVIER BAEZ: No, not really. We tried to get in the game, but it was something among the family, among the players. I wasn't looking at what was happening, and when I saw my family involved, obviously I didn't think about jumping over there, but I wanted everything to be calm because my mother was there, and obviously that's important for me.

Q. Now that you guys are 2-0, what is the feeling like going into the final day of play? And also for the people who saw players come out of the dugout, can you kind of explain what happened there?
EDWIN RODRIGUEZ: Going 2-0 for the last game of the round, we're going to approach the game the same way we've been approaching the first two games, one pitch at a time, and we're going to be playing to win. We are a very good team, and we're going to play to win. We're going to make some changes in the lineup, but still, we feel we have a very good offense still in the lineup.

And with the dugout, like we said before, something happened in the stands and there's some family brawls, and that's why we have to put everybody together in the dugout and concentrate on the game.

JAVIER BAEZ: You know, we came today to play our first game. We won yesterday, and we go into this game, it's still 0-0, keep playing hard, obviously play the game right, and just keep having fun. That's all we're doing in our dugout, and we're going to come tomorrow like it's our first game and play hard again.

Q. You have been going with the philosophy of going pitch by pitch. What do you tell your players when you see a game like yesterday's or today where you're following that step to the second round. What do you tell them to keep that philosophy and not get out, because you have some youth that surely they are getting emotional. What do you think?
EDWIN RODRIGUEZ: Yes, of course. First of all, we have a very talented team on the field, but also they are very mature guys. They know how to prepare for the game, and we have first-rate technical group, let the guys concentrate on the game, at-bat by at-bat and pitch by pitch, and that's the importance of the team. All those people, they have that experience.

In this situation, knowing that we have to concentrate and focus in the moment and forget about what happened, be it good or bad, win or lose. But the guys, we have a very talented team. They have proven that they can focus.

Q. From my count, you practically tied the first game. Are you going to play hard or are you going to (indiscernible)?
EDWIN RODRIGUEZ: We have a very youthful team. In 2013 they saw, and I am including Javy Baez, they saw what the Puerto Rico team did with those championships. They have been waiting for this tournament for four years, and coming in here and not giving 100 percent in one game is inconceivable. They are going to come out tomorrow like if it was the first game in the round. We have very good talent, very good youth. We're going to play hard tomorrow.

Q. Javy, any harm suffered by your family during the fight or just a scare?
JAVIER BAEZ: To me it was a scare. I wasn't concentrating. All I heard was Edwin saying go back to the dugout. I thought it was my team, and when I saw the brawl was in the family section, I saw my family and everybody's family trying to separate and try to be safe. Well, I got a little bit desperate, yes, because I hadn't seen what happened, but everything was under control. My family said that everything was okay.

Q. The home runs of Lindor, and the situation with Santiago where you had the runs for México, how do you --
EDWIN RODRIGUEZ: Yesterday Carlos Carrillo was the one in charge of the offensive, and tonight Lindor and Javier Baez. Everybody tonight contributed. As far as Hector Santiago, he had an outing. He was behind in the count with pitches that weren't working. That's why he (indiscernible) from there to the bullpen, and that's the first part of the seventh, eighth, and ninth inning.

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