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September 3, 2005

Joey Sindelar


Q. How do you feel about your round today?

JOEY SINDELAR: I'm happy. I'm driving the ball well. And I think any TOUR player will tell you when the driver is working and this course demands drivers, most of the day, this is not a lay up kind of a golf course. When the course demands that and you're driving well, life begins to get a lot easier, and I'm happy.

Q. Heading into the rest of the weekend, Sunday and Monday, how is the course playing?

JOEY SINDELAR: Nice. It's beautiful, it's changing as we go, the good news is the fairways will dry out as we go. The bad news is the greens will dry out as we go. Certainly they can control that, but they are not going to want to. These semi large knobs are going to be very, very tall knobs by the end of the weekend, but that's the teeth of this golf course, so we'll just have to watch what we're doing on the weekend.

Q. With the weather absolutely perfect, are you going to have to be aggressive?

JOEY SINDELAR: Well, I think again, if the greens do get firm, it's going to get tough. With these pin placements, you can get standing on your head or you can get on the wrong side. You know, there's some little slopes that you just don't recognize until after the shot.

I think that this would be a wonderful week not to be the first person to do anything on any golf hole. You want to watch as much as you can before you play a shot. Only three years into this event, we don't know this course intimately like we do some of the others.

Q. With the situation in New Orleans and the gulf coast, obviously you're playing but you're also thinking about the situation.

JOEY SINDELAR: It's mind boggling to me. You know, up here in the north, we don't know much about hurricanes. We get them two and three days later and it's just heavy rain for several days and 30 mile an hour winds and we think that's terrible.

Now from I've seen on television last few days, I just can't even imagine. That one in Florida, that leveled the houses and stuff, that was certainly terrible. But this seems to be beyond that. It's just the thought that we may not even be able to play down there six months, seven, eight months from now, they still may not be ready for us, it's a horrible thing and we certainly feel very bad for everyone.

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