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August 31, 1992

Michael Stich


Q. Michael, how does this feel compared to starting off at Wimbledon?

MICHAEL STICH: It is hard court. It is America. It is New York. And it was very windy today, so it is totally different. People are totally different out there. It was very nice to see people coming in and going out, but I handled it pretty well, and it is fun. I think it is a great place to play, I played good under the circumstances.

Q. Michael, at Wimbledon, when you won, you seemed like a world beater and you haven't won a major title since. In your view, why not?

MICHAEL STICH: Because I haven't played that well as I did in Wimbledon, maybe the reason is that the other guys played better and I didn't play as well as I played in Wimbledon, French Open.

Q. Were you overconfident by any chance after Wimbledon?

MICHAEL STICH: No, I mean, I played well after Wimbledon 'till the Masters. I also played well at the Grand Slam cup. I had two quarters finals in Wimbledon, the Australia Open, I think that is too bad. I didn't win any big tournaments, but I was in the finals at Hamburg; played semis in Indian Wells. I didn't play as well as I did last year. I am still 11. There are some guys that played well last year and they dropped to whatever, 30, something like that. I am still in there. I am trying to hang in there. Next year I am going to be back and try to win a major one again.

Q. What element of your game, would you say needs the most improvement?

MICHAEL STICH: My fitness right now. I played without any breaks. I had no time really to practice to work my fitness and my physical strength and that is what I got to do with this year when this year is going to be finished.

Q. Are you going to be being playing doubles with McEnroe?


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