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March 10, 2017

Julio Teheran

Sugar Ray Marimon

Ernesto Frieri

Miami, Florida

Q. Julio, about you starting tomorrow, in addition to asking you about your routine that everybody knows, I want to ask you about how to handle the emotions, because I don't know what you can compare doing this with "Colombia" on your jersey compared to what you've done in your Big League career.
JULIO TEHERAN: Yes, there's many emotions and mixed emotions, I had never felt so emotional, I've had all kinds of experiences in my experience, but with this one is I feel so much responsibility to represent Colombia, it's a lot bigger than what you are used to. It's not the same representing a country as an organization. But trying to control those emotions will be the key for tomorrow. I can feel many things today, but tomorrow I have to control those things and to follow my routine and do what I have to do.

Q. For Ernesto, in addition to the emotions pitching for Colombia, you have had great moments in the Major Leagues in previous years. Do you think that this performance can be good? Are you still trying to find a spot in the Major Leagues?
ERNESTO FRIERI: First of all, it is an honor to have this name on my chest. We have the responsibility to take to the people a bit of the real Colombia that the world doesn't know about. A Colombia full of hunger and desire to get ahead, full of people that are suffering because true value of being Colombian is not being recognized.

To answer your question, yes, for sure, I've had the opportunity, the blessing of having a very beautiful career, I don't think it's over yet, things have happened, but we always know that everything happens for the best.

This is a showcase, not only for me, for all of us and for many who are not here to show that Colombian baseball is at a competitive level as that of the big countries, big powerful countries. And the fact that we are a few hours away playing against one of the baseball powerhouses is not a coincidence. Colombian baseball has grown and we are here to give the best of ourselves, so that doors keep opening up for those who are coming behind us to have opportunities.

Q. For Julio, are you disappointed not to be picked to start the opener against the United States?
JULIO TEHERAN: No, not really, not really, because we all know what is the reason to be here and it doesn't matter if I'm pitching the first one or the second one, it's just to do our job and I know Quintana is a really good pitcher, and that's all the decision of the manager and we all got to respect that.

Q. And you'll obviously face your teammate Freddie Freeman tomorrow, how do you intend to pitch to him, without giving away too many secrets?
JULIO TEHERAN: I haven't thought about it, that Freeman is one of the best hitters of the game and I've been playing with him the last couple years, my last four years, and he's really tough to face. But I don't know, I don't know what's going to happen. I'm just going to go out there and compete and we'll see what's going to happen.

Q. Guys, you can answer in order, whichever order you want. Colombia is known as a country for soccer, as a soccer country. The fact that you are here, in addition to what Ernesto said, it is also a message that Colombia is not limited to a single sport. And that baseball has a potential, not to displace soccer, soccer, but also to make Colombians feel proud a broad.
ERNESTO FRIERI: This man is afraid to talk, but it's okay, (laughter.)

Because of the excitement, I guess.

Yes, as I said before, we are here, so that the real Colombia is known. The concept of Colombia is not even close to what Colombia really is. Colombia's not just soccer, it is not what people think it is. It really doesn't have anything to do with this, but there are people in Colombia that love this sport called baseball. And the support is not what we hope for, but still we are playing and we have a good level to compete and to be here in this World Classic, and we will do good things.

We really have a team to do very good things. The guys are very happy, very well motivated, this is a family, we all know each other since we're kids, we have been playing together, and there are more than 10 of us that have been playing on teams since we were kids. So that is a very beautiful experience. It's very pleasant to be with so many people you know. And we really feel very united.

SUGAR RAY MARIMON: Well, first of all, good afternoon. Okay, he said it, but we come from a city where a lot of baseball is played, Cartagena, which is a city known for baseball. And in addition to soccer in that city people breathe baseball. As my teammates said, this is an opportunity for people to get to know us as players and we are recognized and we are here so that they don't see just soccer but also baseball, and to continue its development in our country.

Q. We asked Julio this morning, since he has played in this stadium, and there is a great expectation tomorrow because there are no tickets left, and Colombians from cities like Cartagena and Barranquilla, but what does that represent for you personally to be here and to be the starter tomorrow here in Marlins Park?
JULIO TEHERAN: It is really an honor to be getting ready for a game, and to know that the stadium will be full of Colombians -- not only Colombians, but I hope that it would be a majority of Colombians. It will be necessary for us now. With the help of those Colombian fans who are supporting us, that know we all want to see our baseball continue ahead, having the pleasure to have them here and support us will be very big as well.

I hope that things come out the way we want to. I'll go to the mound tomorrow and I'll take control of the game and see what happens. But it's good to know that Colombian people are coming and that they are supporting us precisely for this reason.

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