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March 10, 2017

Matt Painter

Isaac Haas

Carsen Edwards

Washington, D.C.

Michigan - 74, Purdue - 70, OT

THE MODERATOR: We'll begin with questions for Carsen and Isaac.

Q. Isaac, how much of this was the struggles that you or any team would defend what Michigan does with its length and shooting range?
ISAAC HAAS: It was break down defensively. We weren't getting shots. They were getting open ones. They made them. That's what won them the game.

Q. (Indiscernible) how would you say that changed the complexion of the game?
ISAAC HAAS: I honestly don't know. I felt like we were doing a pretty good job. Right at the end, Biggie fouled out. That hurt. It's part of basketball.

Q. Isaac, they had 18 second-chance points. What do you have to do better to keep opponents off the offensive glass? Been a bit of a thing here lately.
ISAAC HAAS: Just step into our guys on long rebounds. When a three-point shot is going up, you have to step up to them because it's either going to go in or go long. We didn't do that tonight. They got offensive rebounds.

Q. Carsen, you are up three with 30 seconds left. What was your confidence level at that point?
CARSEN EDWARDS: What was our confidence level?

Q. Yes.
CARSEN EDWARDS: I think we were up two when P.J. went to the free-throw line. I thought he was going to make the free throw. It didn't fall. That's it.

Q. Carsen, can you walk us through the charge on the inbound, what you saw, what you thought it was?
CARSEN EDWARDS: Just came down the court, did a cross over. He just kind of jumped it. I was going to pull it out, but he failed. Just a good play. That's it.

Q. You guys obviously are disappointed, but you have more basketball ahead of you. Talk a little bit about that, putting this behind you heading forward.
ISAAC HAAS: Yeah, so I would just say that, you know, we just got to work on things defensively. We can't have breakdowns like that moving onto the NCAA tournament because it's win or go home, like we are now.

Every game could be your last game. You have to fine tune those things and come into the NCAA tournament playing your best basketball.

CARSEN EDWARDS: Yeah, just put this behind us. We learned from it. There's mistakes we made this game. Learn from it so we're ready for the games ahead of us. Just trying to prepare now for the next game.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, fellas.

We'll take questions for Coach Painter.

Q. Matt, Michigan's second-chance points tonight, how much of that did you see as them capitalizing, how much was it things you weren't getting done?
COACH PAINTER: Obviously, they get 11 offensive rebounds, we get 10. They did a better job of capitalizing and scoring the basketball off their second-chance opportunities.

You have that a lot with teams that shoot a lot of threes. They had a lot of misses. We did a good job of defending the arc. They were 6-25. With that, you get a lot of misses. You have to step to your man, pick up the basketball, be able to pick up the flight of it, pursue it.

Give them credit for getting those offensive rebounds, but also give them credit for scoring the ball.

Q. The charge on Carsen coming out of the timeout, that would have been a three-point play?
COACH PAINTER: I didn't think he was there. He was turned, wasn't square with his body. I thought it was a good move with Carsen to continue on because he was so late in coming over there. You have to be set when he leaves his feet, not on contact.

A lot of those times, they got a tough time because they got to handle the arc. Just because you're out of the arc doesn't mean it can't be a block. He's got to get out of the arc. He has to be able to officiate that, then he has to officiate is he set once he leaves his feet, not necessarily on contact.

I thought it was an easy block call. I don't know how we didn't get that one.

Q. First time was Wagner. This time it was Wilson. What kind of challenges do they present?
COACH PAINTER: We switched a lot more here in this game. With Isaac, we're not going to switch. That's why you see him so productive, 17 points in 15 minutes, because we have a tough matchup.

In that one stretch in the first half, we get up seven. I kept him in there. We were trying to flip it offensively and get him the ball every single time. Those guys were in foul trouble. Just score the basketball.

On the other end, they really exposed us there. It was hard. It's hard when they go that small for those guys to be able to handle that. With Biggie, we just switch it, knock out of action. Then they try to drive us a lot, play off the mismatch, whether that's a post-up or a drive.

Q. Coach, Caleb had 10 points in the first half, just three in the second half. Was it something different that Michigan was doing? How can you get him the ball in the post more?
COACH PAINTER: They were doing a good job of playing post D. Early on, they were calling the fouls. As the game progressed, they stopped.

But we had the ball at the rim a lot, whether that was Vince Edwards or Isaac or Biggie, or drive some guards, we were around the rim. That's what you want. You want the ball at the rim as much as possible.

But it's just one of those games where we had some chippies not go our way.

Q. With Michigan's last 48 to 72 hours, were you surprised at the energy they had?
COACH PAINTER: No. They're a good team. They're experienced. They have a lot of guys that have been through it. So, no, not at all.

We told those guys we were going to get their best shot. They played well against us in Ann Arbor a couple weeks ago. I thought this was an evenly played game. They have a distinguished team. They bring good guys off the bench. They have good balance.

When they stretch you out like that, it's really difficult. Sometimes in travel, sometimes when things happen, whether it's an injury or an incident like this, sometimes it can kind of refresh. You focus a little bit more. I know that doesn't sound like it makes a lot of sense. When you've dealt with it before, you have experience, like Walton, Irvin, Robinson, some of those guys, it's like, Let's go out and have fun and play. Give them credit for winning the two games.

Q. You've been an outstanding free-throw team all season. Today you missed more than you made.
COACH PAINTER: It was just one of those things. We shot 82% in league play this year. It was pretty good. So to go 6-13, it kind of shocks you.

We had a chance to close this game out of the. The guys that missed a lot of free throws, they closed out a lot of games for us this year. It's one of those things. It's a law of averages. It's unfortunate. If we would have made our free throws, we would have won the game. There's a lot of games this year we can say we won it because we made free throws.

Q. Isaac said you want to be playing your best basketball going into the NCAA tournament. Do you think you guys are doing that right now?
COACH PAINTER: Well, I think today we didn't convert. Sometimes it's hard to say you're playing well when you didn't shoot the ball well. A lot of times people equate that, a lot of fans equate those two together.

You're making a bunch of shots. You guys are playing well. In reality, we turned the ball over too much today. You can't have that many turnovers, get out-rebounded, lose the possession game, think you're playing well. I think Michigan had a lot to do with it.

Hopefully we can get some time in the gym, practice, figure out who we play on Sunday, and then play better Thursday and Friday.



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