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March 9, 2017

Scott Drew

Johnathan Motley

Jake Lindsey

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas State - 70, Baylor - 64

SCOTT DREW: Coming into this tournament we knew that anyone could win it because of the parity in the league and it didn't matter what anyone was seeded. We've had success before, but at the end of the day, you gotta win that first game to get things going and you really got to credit Kansas State. I thought they've been the first or second best defensive team in the league, and second half for them to shoot 65% from the field, 60 from the three and 70 from the free throw line. They made the plays. They earned it. We didn't make free throws. We got 16 offensive rebounds and we only got 6 points out of 'em.

So we didn't convert play like we needed to. Hopefully this will come to help us in the NCAA Tournament because that's -- if it does, then it's been worth it. But I really credit Kansas State for playing a really good game and really offensively executing well.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jake Lindsey and Johnathan Motley.

Q. Johnathan, you dislocated your finger. Was it hard to get hold of the ball? Did you feel like it impacted your game after that somewhat?
JOHNATHAN MOTLEY: No, it happened before and I played through it. So it's all good.

Q. Jake, did you feel like -- was their defense stopping y'all from getting into up of a groove? How did you see that?
JAKE LINDSEY: They did a great job of overloading the paint and keeping us out of there and we didn't do a good job initially of recognizing it and moving the ball, getting -- moving the defense before we tried to get it into the paint, getting it into Mot and Joe. They scouted us well and executed, so you have to give them credit.

Q. Jake, tied at 25 at half. Did they do anything or make any type of adjustments that you guys haven't seen, or shots just weren't falling for you guys?
JAKE LINDSEY: Well, you said 25-25 at half?

Q. Yes.
JAKE LINDSEY: We ended with 64. So offense wasn't the problem in the second half. They blasted us on defense. I was not good enough. We fell for pump fakes on guys who were drivers. We didn't guard the ball. We didn't fight for post position. We didn't get it done defensively in the second half, and that's where we lost the game.

Q. Johnathan, y'all had 16 offensive rebounds, only 6 points. How frustrating was that missing a lot of the put backs?
JOHNATHAN MOTLEY: Very frustrating because we usually do a good job of capitalizing on offensive rebounds, and like Jake said they did a good job of overloading the paint, making sure we were shooting over multiple hands. We should have kicked it out for threes and things like that. Credit to Kansas State. They did an awesome job in the paint.

Q. Jake, obviously you have to put this game behind you pretty quick. How much are you looking forward to Sunday and when the bids are handed out?
JAKE LINDSEY: Well, you have to learn from every loss, but you also have to be able to move on from a loss. So that's something when you are an experienced team you've done that before and you kind of learn how to do that. But Selection Sunday is a blessing. We can never forget that and we did a good job to put ourselves in the position to be part of it early.

So now we have to get back to what we were doing, and, you know, maybe how we were being collectively together as a team early on in the year and get back to that feeling.

Q. Jake, it was a desperation mode there at the end but the lift that Al gave you in trying to get back in the game and the roll that he got on there. Talk about that?
JAKE LINDSEY: Al did a great job. He was in the spots he needed to be in. He made the right reads of how his man was playing him and I was able to get him the ball and he did a good job finishing. We could have had a little more poise in the last minute. I got beat off the dribble and that hurt us. But Al came in and gave us a big lift. He's been a big part of our team and a big part of the program the last couple of years. So that type of performance doesn't surprise me. He's a great player.

THE MODERATOR: Guys, we will let you go back to the locker room. Good luck next week. Questions for Coach Drew?

Q. Coach, with the suspensions and the injuries over the last month and the lineup changing the way it has, do you think that's difficult for the team to readjust all the time?
SCOTT DREW: It's difficult for me. So I think Manu, it's great to have him back. He really played well. Now we will have a little more chance to practice with him and get back into a rotation, and that will be easier on everybody. But that's our biggest strength to our team is our depth. It's not these five guys. It's this team, and that's a challenge as a coach. But also it's -- the team, why we've been successful, why we've won 25 games is because we've had different people step up.

Tonight we didn't have enough people step up. I thought Brown stepped up for them. Maurice stepped up for them. Ervin stepped up for them, and we all play percentages, Brown shooting 25% from three, 4 for 4, 9 for 13 from the free throw line. Going into the game, he's the guy we would have tried to foul.

They made plays. They earned it. They deserved it and you gotta give them credit. I know they were going to come out with a lot of intensity because this was a big game for 'em, as far as the NCAA Tournament, and I thought they answered the bell and they won this game. They deserved it.

Q. Scott, did you feel like you were kind of playing a desperate team tonight in K-State?
SCOTT DREW: One thing is sometimes when you are desperate you don't make shots because you're too tight, so them being desperate and making shots is a good thing. Hopefully we learned that or execute that from this game in a week, because we don't want our season to end and we definitely don't want it to end like this.

So if we've learned that lesson then it's been worth it. No one likes to lose any game, but we know the most important part of our season is ahead of us and hopefully we can learn from this and make sure that we're successful in that part of the season.

Q. Scott, did you get maybe more out of Manu than you expected, and was there any -- he wasn't in there I think maybe the last three minutes. Was that because it had flared up or he just needed the rest?
SCOTT DREW: I wanted to keep him around 20 minutes. He was playing well, doing well and stepped on someone's foot or stubbed it a little bit. We saw him start to limp and I know he wanted to stay in, but we obviously need him healthy for next week. So D.C. will make sure he's good to go.

Q. How good was Kansas State's defense? I know you shot 45, 46% but it seems like you were at the end of the shot clock quite a bit tonight?
SCOTT DREW: All I know is we've reviewed three of our late shot clocks and none of 'em have counted. Their late shot clocks went in. You gotta credit them for making shots. This was really about our defense and their offense. Our defense wasn't great, but they still made shots. You foul a 3-point shooter, he's not supposed to make the shot, right? They get 4 points.

So you've got to credit them. Defensively, when one is playing well you've got to raise to their level. I thought our attention to defense, our pick and roll one of the coaches had a heart attack on the bench because it's the worst it's been and that's his bread and butter thing, and we will get better for it. Credit them for executing in it.

Q. Scott, how forward are you looking to Sunday, the Selection Show, and are you concerned that this might hurt your seeding?
SCOTT DREW: They look at the full body of work and there is no bad loss in the Big 12. With us coming in we knew it was anyone's tournament. That's why we've been on the 2 line, 1 line, 3 line, whatever, because of our full body of work. We'll take the positive, go home, get rest, get healthy, practice a little bit, and hopefully we'll play desperate and execute like Kansas State did come next week. Then it's been a great thing for us.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you very much. Good luck next week.

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