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March 9, 2017

Bob Huggins

Elijah Macon

Jevon Carter

Kansas City, Missouri

West Virginia - 63, Texas - 53

THE MODERATOR: All right, we're ready to begin with West Virginia, Coach Bob Huggins, his two student-athletes tonight, Jevon Carter and Elijah Macon. We will go directly to questions for our student-athletes and then we will come back for Coach Huggins.

Q. Jevon, I just wanted to know if you can recall the sequence where Nathan Adrian stole the ball near the West Virginia bench, kicked it to you for the open 3-pointer and the game had gotten tight. But that seemed to open things up a little bit. There was no hesitation in you getting that 3-pointer. Can you take us through that sequence?
JEVON CARTER: We did a good job on the press. Guys were getting the handle on the ball. Nate did what he does. He came up with the steal, saved it to me, I caught it, and noticed I was wide open and just shot it in.

Q. Jevon, after seeing a top seed loose in a tournament like this, a guy who has been to these tournaments for -- you're the elder statesman. Is there any message to your guys before you come out that this could happen, that you could get knocked off and how do you get up for that game after you see the top seed go down?
JEVON CARTER: Honestly, we didn't really pay too much attention to what other teams are doing. It's about us. We just take it one game at a time, you know. You can't play the next game unless you win the current game, so that was just a message to the team, like, just focus on this game and whatever happens after that is going to happen.

Q. Elijah talk about going up against Jarrett Allen and their bigs, what's the challenge going against those guys?
ELIJAH MACON: Definitely their length. They're kind of like Baylor. Once you net inside you have to pump-fake those guys. You can't just go in and shoot a layup. They're going to get a lot of blocks, so playing against their length would be the biggest things and getting that ball into the middle. That's the hardest thing playing against those guys.

THE MODERATOR: Okay, guys. We will let you go back to the locker room. Congratulations on your victory tonight. We'll see you tomorrow. Good luck. Questions for Coach?

Q. Knowing that you guys will be highly seeded when seedings come out on Sunday, how do you approach these conference tournament games knowing that you will be one of the higher seeds coming into next week?
BOB HUGGINS: Well, we're trying to win. We didn't get it done in the finals a year ago, and just no sense playing if you're not playing to win. So we're trying to win.

Q. Are your guys motivated by that, getting to the final last year and not finishing it off?
BOB HUGGINS: Are they what?

Q. Motivated?
BOB HUGGINS: I don't know, man. You ask me to know what they're thinking. I wish I knew. We obviously didn't play very well today. Didn't shoot it very well from the free throw line. Didn't make layups. They've been a good group to coach because they do want to win. You think about the way we play. We had three guys play 30 minutes which I didn't really want to do, or over 30 minutes, but we play a lot of people.

You know, I think sometimes guys want to play the whole game and they take about two-thirds of the game off when they try to play the whole game. These guys have been really good about sharing playing time. Elijah has been great, and Brandon Watkins has been great with sags, trying to teach him and obviously he makes a difference for us.

THE MODERATOR: Okay, Coach. We'll let you go. Thank you.

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