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March 9, 2017

Shaka Smart

Jarrett Allen

Andrew Jones

Kansas City, Missouri

West Virginia - 63, Texas - 53

THE MODERATOR: Okay, University of Texas has arrived, Coach Shaka Smart. His student-athletes are Jarrett Allen and Andrew Jones. Coach, we'll go to you for your thoughts on tonight's game.

SHAKA SMART: Congratulations to West Virginia. They did what West Virginia does so well. They were the more aggressive team. Over the course of the game, I think there was a cumulative affect of the way they play. Obviously they shot the ball better from outside. That was a big difference as well. But congratulations to them. I think they have a great chance to win this tournament and make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for our student-athletes?

Q. How much was West Virginia's aggressiveness, how much did that take you out of your game?
ANDREW JONES: West Virginia is known to be playing hard and aggressive. That's their MO and their style of play as a team. At certain points of the game, them being overly aggressive on us, and on the bigs, took us out of our offense a little bit.

JARRETT ALLEN: Andrew said it perfectly. They sped us up. We couldn't actually get into our flow and just congratulations to West Virginia.

THE MODERATOR: Okay, guys. We will let you go back to the locker room. Questions for Coach?

Q. Coach, how much was their aggressiveness, how much did that affect your shooting percentage?
SHAKA SMART: Good question. I don't think it was affecting our shooting percentage as much as it affected our flow of what we were trying to do, which I guess in turn affected our shooting percentage. But, man, we got a lot of open looks that didn't go in. It's hard to be aggressive defending free throws, and we shot under 50% from the foul line.

I think some of the possessions where we turned the ball over or forced up a bad shot, those are the ones where obviously we were really impacted by West Virginia and the way they defended.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach, for coming.

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