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March 9, 2017

Edgar Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez

Sergio Romo

Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Q. Congratulations, Sergio and Adrian. Can you tell us if you're 100 percent for the lineup today?
ADRIÁN GONZÁLEZ: Yes, I have always said that we have to be 100 percent to be here today, otherwise I wouldn't be here today. I thank got we've come here to work hard the last three weeks and do whatever it takes to be here.

Q. Edgar, can you talk to us about the emotional and physical state of the team, and as the team leader, being the home team?
EDGAR GONZÁLEZ: From the beginning, good attitude. We're happy. We're thrilled, ready. We've had our player meetings, and we're here to today.

ADRIÁN GONZÁLEZ: Well, we've come here to do our work, play our baseball. As Sergio said at the meeting, we are to win every moment and we compete, all we do. So we feel like we know that we can go beat any team at any game.

Q. Adrián, some days ago you were going through -- recovering from an injury to your elbow. Even though you were getting over an injury, how do you feel?
ADRIÁN GONZÁLEZ: I am going to comment because they each have their own -- I am not going to comment for everybody. Everybody has a reason to be or not be in the team, be with us or not. Personally for me it's something that -- what I'm saying is personally for me, it is very important to be here, and that's why I made an effort to rehab. Thank God it was only a little bit of rest, nothing that I had to go through a lot of steps to be here, rest, like I always said. I was going to be ready or not. I wasn't going to take every day to see, but thank God I'm here, and we know that the ones that are not here, it's not that they didn't want, it's that they couldn't be here.

SERGIO ROMO: Well, for me it was something important, for LA, for my family and for me myself, as well. It was something very important because part of the dream was Dodger Stadium, Chavez Ravine and now he stopped, but it's a blessing to have a team play in a place I like to eat, and it's very difficult not to eat. I don't like changes, but I'm not afraid of them, either. It's a new chapter for me, and I have to keep working with the same, all the effort and passion.

Q. What do you feel about playing for Mexico here in Guadalajara?
SERGIO ROMO: Well, it's an honor to be here, to wear this Mexican uniform, and the colors of the flag. It's special not only for us, which we have been kind of selection, but a guide for the Mexican people, and now in front of everybody, all our countrymen, it's very special, very big for Guadalajara and also for Mexican baseball. It's a chance to show the world, especially in front of our countrymen, that Mexican baseball has risen, is very strong, and we can compete with any team, like Adrián said, at any time, because we have a chance to win, and now it's time to prove it with the passion and same will to fight, and it's going to be a great experience not only for us but for the Mexican people here.

We're here talking about the world, but I am very happy to be here and be with a new team. They wanted me to come to play there, and outside of that, we are here to represent Mexican people in order to wear this tri-color uniform and show the Mexican baseball level.

Q. What's the plan you have as far as the number of pitches?
EDGAR GONZÁLEZ: There is no pitch limit. There is 65 in the tournament but no other limit, and the pitching plan you're going to see when -- it depends on the game, but we're going to go for the best and try to win today. The importance is Game 7 of the World Series for us.

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