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March 9, 2017

Russell Henley

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. After the delayed start, get that bogey out of the way early, but then man, what a run you went on today?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I didn't hit the ball for a long time because the hour delay. Felt a little bit funny hitting into the fog. But that was probably my worst shot of the day.

Yeah, I'm really focused this week and hopefully the rest of the year on just being patient and I'm just trying to stick to my process. Sometimes good things happen. I felt like last week, two weeks ago at the Honda, I hit a lot of great shots, just like I did today, that I wound up making bogey and today I made birdie. It's just a funny game right now.

Q. Your putting has been good all year, but that 12-footer on nine was pretty sweet?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, it was nice. I feel like I'm seeing the break well here. I feel like the greens are running really true, and what I'm seeing, that's what the ball is doing. So I got more and more confident as the day went on.

Q. Most of the guys that put together a good round this morning started on the back. Is it nice to get the first nine holes out of the way or was it more gettable when it was benign this morning?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I think you hit a good drive on 11, you can get there. I think 12, it was a wedge to the front pin, and it's not super difficult to get at that one. Then the par 5, 14, I felt like everybody can get to if they hit a good drive. A couple good birdie spots there, and if you can take advantage of that, and you get to 1, get in the fairway, you have an iron in.

Q. How have you done here?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Last year I missed the cut. Been playing well this year. I played well in the fall. I made a switch to Titleist and feel like I'm starting to really feel comfortable with the equipment and confident in the equipment. This course is tough, though. I missed the fairway on 7 by a foot. Was blocked out by two trees. So it can be demanding off the tee, and I think you've got to bring every part of your game to play well.

Q. How important was it for you to get off to a fast start, even the fog delay didn't seem to bother you?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, bogeyed the first but after that I felt comfortable. Felt good. Felt like the ball was going where I was looking. I didn't hit any crazy shots, and was able to give myself a lot of good birdie putts. Didn't make any long putts. I just made some ten-foot putts and it was nice to make a couple on the back.

Q. When you shoot what you did to start, is this a course you can come out and attack?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Well, these guys, everybody out here is so good. I mean, I'm not even leading. I think you always have to attack. I feel like there's some days that par is going to be a great score, and I think that if it stays calm here, you have to attack. But I think it will probably blow the next three days. I think if I can just keep getting under par, that's pretty good playing out here.

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