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March 9, 2017

James Hahn

Palm Harbor, Florida

JAMES HAHN: I was hitting the ball well today, made some putts. Helped that Keegan was making some good putts out there, too. Any time you see a group make a lot of putts, hit a good shot as well, take a peak at the leaderboard and see that 9-under was leading -- I didn't see 9-under on this golf course with how hard it is. But just kind of made me aim at some flags that I wouldn't necessarily and just be a little bit more aggressive?

Q. I thought you took some pretty aggressive swings and hard lines out there. Was that dictated by the scoring or conditions or how you were feeling today? A little extra caffeine in the body?
JAMES HAHN: It's one of those days where I think I only missed one or two shots. So any time that you have that feeling, just kind of go at some flags, just know that with the greens so pure, that you can chip it up there to about four or five feet and make the putt.

It's a good day to be aggressive. Tomorrow we'll see which way the wind blows.

Q. It was so calm this morning. How much does five or ten miles an hour of wind make on this golf course?
JAMES HAHN: It's a big deal. Even on the last hole, we weren't decisive, whether it was into the wind -- if you're above the hole, no chance to make that one, even my second putt. So any time you have wind across, you have to really commit to a number and to your ball flight to be successful out there.

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