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March 9, 2017

Jerry Weinstein

Seoul, Korea

Israel - 4, Netherlands - 2

Q. Obviously you come here to win every game, but at the same time, you have to keep half an eye on making sure everybody is intact or pitching is set up, things like that. How difficult was it to balance that out today in terms of wanting to play a competitive game, but also knowing that you've got three more to play in Japan?
JERRY WEINSTEIN: Well, our No. 1 priority was to put ourselves in position to win and knowing that we were going to Japan for sure, to put ourselves in a position to win in Japan. And so that's why we threw every pitcher, one slightly over, Zeid, one and two thirds, that's why we had everybody lined up to go in one inning.

But you know, it was important for us to win this, because winning is a good habit, No. 1. And No. 2, the compensation for the baseball federation in Israel, which is really what we're trying to do; that's our No. 1 goal is to heighten people's awareness for global baseball, but especially baseball in Israel; and then also help provide some revenue and resources for them to build fields and hire people full time and run a real program so that build a foundation with more players so that some day it can really be a team of true Israeli National players in this tournament.

Q. Today you included 16 pitchers, it was adventurous, but I think it was a good choice, so why did you make that choice?
JERRY WEINSTEIN: Well, I think if you watch the three games, it was obvious that we used everybody. We used 15 of our 16 pitchers. We needed every single one of them to help us win three games and we felt that that would be the best formula based on the quality of our pitching and that our best strategy was to provide is to create some different looks for hitters and not leave someone in there too long and to contrast and to match up with the hitters in a given game in a given game situation.

So having more pitchers allowed us more flexibility to be as well matched up as possible for the right situations in the game.

Q. From Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted about the victory congratulated Team Israel. How popular is baseball becoming and the WBC?
JERRY WEINSTEIN: I would say when the Prime Minister recognizes the national baseball team playing in the WBC, that's a good sign and maybe we get a little bit more government money to run our programs, now that we've heightened his awareness.

I think it's been very positive, not only in Israel but in the United States, as well. There are a lot of Jewish people in the United States that are very closely following this event.

Q. You used 16 pitchers, so you have less fielders. Did you feel any difficulties in pinch hitters and any other difficulties?
JERRY WEINSTEIN: No, I didn't. I think that in a short series, pitching is going to dominate, and a lot of times, you never get to your bench. And I think that having more pitchers and giving more flexibility to create some different looks and some contrast outweighs the ability to bring someone off the bench to pinch hit or play defense, which we have enough guys to do. I think having three extra players for this short term, it was certainly enough.

Q. I have a question. When the pitcher faced the left handed hitters, do you have any strategy? It seems that the shortstop moves to the position of the second baseman. Any special consideration for that to happen?
JERRY WEINSTEIN: Yes, it's based on the analytical information that we have based on where they hit the ball most often.

One thing in baseball, you can't play everywhere. You can only play where you think they are going to hit the ball there. That doesn't mean they are going to hit the ball there but it's based on probabilities; what percentage of time they hit the ball there and we try to play where they hit the ball the best we can. And sometimes we are there and they hit it there and sometimes they hit it someplace else. But basically we're just trying to put the odds in our favor.

Q. In the first round, Mr. Craig Breslow and Mr. Scott Feldman, do you know if they will play in the second round?
JERRY WEINSTEIN: Specific to Craig Breslow, whether he would be with us in the second round, is that correct? And Scott Feldman? Neither Craig Breslow nor Scott Feldman will be with us. We will add two pitchers, however. We'll add Brad Goldberg from the White Sox, and we'll add Jared Lakind from the Pirates for this next tournament.

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