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March 8, 2017

Kuo-Hui Kao

Guo-Long Luo

Seoul, Korea

THE MODERATOR: We are grateful to have go Kuo-Hui Kao on the right and Guo Long Luo on the left here to take questions from the media.

Q. I wanted to know how it feels to be playing with each other since you're brothers, and who do you think is the best player between the both of you?
KUO-HUI KAO: It is a delight for us to play for the WBC, especially because we are brothers. I really hope that we can do well and we can win games.

GUO LONG LUO: Well, almost the same answer. This is my very first time to have played for the WBC, such a large baseball event. I really hope that Kuo-Hui will produce some base hits for Taiwan.

Q. Guo Long, Kuo-Hui is your brother. Do you find that Kuo-Hui has been an inspiration to your baseball career?
GUO LONG LUO: When we were small, I watched him play baseball and, of course, he attended many international basic tournaments, so he's a role model to us, and we love him.

Q. I have a question. This is the very first time for both of you to play for this international baseball tournament. Do you encourage each other?
KUO-HUI KAO: For the practice games and for the games yesterday, we had discussion before the game. By the way, we did not think too much. I don't think it's good to overthink it. So some encouragement for each other is helpful.

Q. I would like to ask, do you have any strategy in today's preparation for tonight's games?
KUO-HUI KAO: I have played for team Chinese Taipei international baseball events several times. I just want to play better today.

Q. What is your strategy? Do you have a strategy for today?
GUO-LONG LUO: Well, there is a starting pitcher on the Netherlands side, actually, also played for the CPBL in Taiwan before. He's a great pitcher. So I think I should try to find some good pitches to deliver.

Q. I have a question for Guo Heng. You have four brothers who play baseball, especially for premium clubs. And Cuba has three brothers playing in that tournament. Do you want to see someday for your other brothers to play for WBC in the future?
KUO-HUI KAO: Of course. That is that is something that I think would be the best scenario, but I don't think that is likely to happen.

Q. Kuo-Hui Kao, you played in the Mariners Minor League system. Are any of the players that you're going to play against tonight, do you know any of them from the time that you were playing in the United States?
KUO-HUI KAO: Kalian Sams. I actually played in Minor Leagues with him for many years. We were very good friends. There are many outstanding players in Team Netherlands and shortstop and also the second baseman and third baseman. It is a great privilege to play against Netherlands. They have outstanding players.

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