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November 16, 1993

Michael Stich


Q. Michael, 5-1 you seemed to be well in control. Did he pick up his game a little bit or where you saw his game slip away?

MICHAEL STICH: I think he returned pretty well. I think that was his biggest strength today. He was not serving that well and made a lot of easy mistakes from the baseline but I always had to watch out for his returns. He made a lot of straight winners off my serve. That was the danger today, I think.

Q. But on whole, you were pretty happy with the way the first match went. You looked fairly relaxed out there.

MICHAEL STICH: Sure. I was so nervous before I went out there. The first match is always the toughest one for me. After not having won a set here two years ago, I am very happy with the way I played for the first match and obviously that I won.

Q. Have you had this event on your mind these last few weeks when your results have not been as good as the rest of your year?

MICHAEL STICH: What do you mean my results weren't that good?

Q. In the last two, three weeks compared to with --

MICHAEL STICH: Three weeks. I won Stockholm. I think that is pretty good. I didn't-- I think-- I played pretty well. I won Stockholm. I played the quarters in Paris; played the quarters in Antwerp and I played still good tennis. It was not that I was playing badly. And no, I didn't think about it. I wanted to get as many points as I was able to, because I wanted to take every chance I have to maybe go one spot up on the rankings and didn't work out quite as it could have, but I mean, I think the end of the year was as good as the rest of the year.

Q. Where do you think you are at in terms of your tennis development stage?

MICHAEL STICH: I can't tell. You probably better ask the experts or people who watch me play a lot. I think there is still work to do. I think you can ask every top player; he can still improve and I think he would say yes. I still can improve; especially on the mental side. Sometimes I am getting too upset about different things, but actually I don't want to worry about it. I am happy that I won. I am looking forward to the match tomorrow. That is all I care about.

Q. At the same time, can you feel a measure of improvement yourself each year?

MICHAEL STICH: Yeah, I think I played very consistent throughout the year. I mean I had my lapse and I had covered tournaments that I didn't play too well. I think everybody had that this year. I still won five tournaments. I played really well in Davis Cup and all the Team Cups that were this year, and so I am very happy that I played quite consistent.

Q. What is the feeling of winning here in the Festhalle?

MICHAEL STICH: It is beautiful. Always better than losing. No, but winning my first match here, being the second time here, I mean it is a good feeling.

Q. What do you think about the line calls in the 7th game of the second set?

MICHAEL STICH: Lines calls, the 7th game of the second set. Whoo, I don't know. I think there were a couple of serves that were close, but they were all good.

Q. The three aces?

MICHAEL STICH: Yeah, but they were all good. They were very close, but I think the machine worked well on those ones.

Q. Any other questions in English?

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