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March 7, 2017

Carlos Marti

Tokyo, Japan

Japan 11, Cuba 6

Q. For the first game you are defeated. What is in your mind right now?
CARLOS MARTI: Our pitching staff is not as -- we are trying, but early in the game, we didn't give up that much run, but later in the innings, Team Japan beat us.

Q. On the other hand, you scored six against Team Japan's pitcher. Did you expect that you would six runs against Team Japan's pitchers?
CARLOS MARTI: Yes, on that, talking about the offense, yes, we are satisfied that we scored six off the Japanese pitchers. Generally speaking, our offense worked well. As you know, Japanese pitchers are very solid and they throw at a very high level, so we are satisfied.

Q. Talking about the Japanese offense, who do you feel you fear most?
CARLOS MARTI: All the hitters are very good. Their swing speed is so fast. So I would say that the whole team is above average. That's what I think.

Q. You played against Team Japan a couple times. Compared to before, that you played against today, what is the differences?
CARLOS MARTI: Like I mentioned many times, Team Japan is one of the top-level, that is without a doubt. Team Japan worked well in tonight's game, too. All the hitters, all the pitchers, they are very solid players.

Q. You lost the first game, but the tournament is still going on. Do you have any thought for the next two games?
CARLOS MARTI: Of course, we'd like to try to win for the next two games. Otherwise, we are going to be eliminated. That's something I don't want. The games against Australia and China, we have to beat them.

Q. Can you mention your starting pitcher tomorrow against Australia? And my second question is, tonight you didn't put the starters for tonight's game, although you used a lot of pitchers. What do you think about that?
CARLOS MARTI: Baños is going to be our probable starter for tomorrow. Baños will start for tomorrow. And we still have two games left.

Q. Cuba, you didn't use starting pitchers (sic) for today's contest, but without starting pitchers going, your defense is very good.
CARLOS MARTI: At that point, that was one of our strategies. We planned and we simulated the order of pitching very well. Although the result is not something we deserved, but we planned well, and today's contest, our offense worked well. They swing well.

Q. Starting from the fifth inning, you changed the lineup a lot. What is your game plan for tomorrow's game against China?
CARLOS MARTI: Most likely the lineup is the same today. That's what I'm planning as of now. The lineup is supposed to be stable.

Talking about Despaigne, he is one of the high-level and hottest hitters as of now, and Despaigne brought a lot of run support. So he's like an angel of the team. That's how I feel for Despaigne. He's such a clutch hitter, he's one of the most important players of our lineup.

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