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April 27, 2001

Scott Simpson


NELSON LUIS: Welcome to the interview room. Finished the day 3-under for a total of 7-under, 135, obviously a very good start to your tournament again.

SCOTT SIMPSON: Yeah, real good start. It is always good to follow up a good round with another good round. You always hate to, you know, if you shoot a 66 to shoot a 75 or something. I was fortunate to play well today. Yeah, I am real happy with 69, right up still in contention, right there.

NELSON LUIS: Let's go ahead and briefly go over your birdies here. Then we will open it up with some questions.

SCOTT SIMPSON: Started 10 and hit it short of the green in the bunker, hit it out about ten feet, lipped out the putt. Figured well, it is going to be different than yesterday because I didn't miss any of those yesterday. Then hit a 7-iron about eight feet, made that for birdie on 11. 12, hit a 5-iron bounced over the green, chipped it about five feet short and missed it, bogey. I birdied 14, I hit 5-iron about 15 feet, made for birdie. 15, I hit a wedge about six feet. Then No. 1 driver, 7-iron about four feet. Then kind of got on a par streak. Last hole hit a 9-iron about ten feet. Made that for birdie.

NELSON LUIS: Questions.

Q. Perfect conditions out there?

SCOTT SIMPSON: Oh, yeah. Absolutely perfect. The greens are great. Yeah, just a breath of wind, nothing that really bothered the ball at all. It is a great day for scoring. I think there could be some good rounds in the afternoon.

Q. I see you changed your shoes. How is the ankle?

SCOTT SIMPSON: The ankle is fine, yeah. I changed shoes, you are right.

Q. Did you hear from anybody last night in a while about --

SCOTT SIMPSON: No, I got some emails from friends and stuff like that. It was fun talking to home. My son was kind of excited for him. Dad is usually such a dork, but he was actually -- he actually had to say geez, dad, good playing. So that was kind of neat.

Q. Could you have gotten more out your round today?

SCOTT SIMPSON: Yeah, I could have gotten more, I -- I missed a couple of like 10-foot birdie putts on my back nine there. I didn't make any real -- I didn't make any long putts or chip in or anything. But overall I played pretty steady. Maybe I could have gotten more but I was pretty happy with what I got to.

Q. Is it too early for you to start visualizing in your mind winning this thing?

SCOTT SIMPSON: Well, it has been so long since I have been in contention that in a way maybe it would be good for me to try to visualize winning, but yeah, I know there is a long way to go and there is a lot of really good players up there. I am hoping I can -- you know, leading at this point really doesn't mean much except, you know, it is fun, it's a confidence boost. I have played so well for two days. But yeah, you just want to stay in contention all the way, you know, have a chance on Sunday to win. Hopefully I can do that, still play well tomorrow, but I know there is a lot of great players still to come.

Q. The way you described yesterday about the drain with the travelling and everything, have you thought about playing on the SENIOR TOUR when it comes time?


Q. You are going to go ahead and do that?


Q. Too much money out there?

SCOTT SIMPSON: I am looking forward to the SENIOR TOUR a lot.

Q. How come?

SCOTT SIMPSON: Well, because -- well, the way it is now there is no cuts. If you are exempt out there, it is a gravy train. I think it will be great. You can plan your schedule so much easier. My son will go to college. He will start college in September right when I turn 50. So my wife and I will just get in the Winnebago and go on the SENIOR TOUR. I think it will be a lot of fun actually. It will be fun to get in contention more often. Obviously I guess I am still good enough to get there sometimes, but you know, that will be different. I told Fuzzy Zoeller. I said, geez, Fuzzy, this is the last time you are ever going to play here. He didn't seem too sad about it actually. He said: I am going to be right down the road to Winston Salem.

Q. Have you talked to any guys on the SENIOR TOUR? Is there a different attitude in that Tour?

SCOTT SIMPSON: Yeah, I-- remember talking to Dave Stockton. It has been awhile ago, though, and I know there is a few guys who think maybe they don't like it. It is not as competitive. You read about Watson or Irwin maybe, but, no, Stockton loved it. He said it was so much easier you know, because you knew when you were going to finish on Sunday. You didn't have to worry about missing cuts and where you were going to go. It is just a lot easier on you mentally, I guess I think it will be a lot of fun, but I am obviously going to try to do as well as I can out here for the next five years.

NELSON LUIS: Thank you, Scott.


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