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March 6, 2017

In-Sik Kim

Seoul, Korea


Q. The pitchers gave up a lot of walks, so what do you think the problem was?
INSIK KIM: There were many situations in jeopardy. We failed to stop the first hitter, and as a result, we were in jeopardy. But we continuously overcame the difficulties. But finally, Lim Chang‑yong allowed the hitter to walk to the next base, so that is why we saw the result.

Q. In your opinion, what is the biggest problem for today's game?
INSIK KIM: First of all, our pitchers gave up many walks, so that was the problem of the command, and they gave up chances to the other team. And in chances, we failed to make the runs. That is the problem.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about the job their pitchers did, especially against the middle of the lineup, really keeping them from taking advantage of what opportunities you had?
INSIK KIM: The pitchers from the Israeli team, I think they were quite good and I think they managed very well in critical moments.
The hitters had difficulties in making contact, and in the ball count, and eventually in two‑strike counts, the pitchers deceived the hitters, so the hitters were not able to make contact. Of course we had chances, however, I think the pitchers managed the game very well.

Q. At the end of the gym game, you didn't use all the bullpen so, can you explain the reason?
INSIK KIM: In the last chances, I think Min Byung‑heon was good in this game, so that was the last chance. But he hit the ground ball, so we failed to have a run and we lose the game. Of course, we could have used pinch‑hitters, and Min Byung‑heon was good at offense and defense. So I thought he can pull it off, but he failed.

Q. Tomorrow you will have the Netherlands game, so will you change the hitters, the lineup?
INSIK KIM: Today our number three hitter and No.4 hitter failed their mission. That's why we had no runs, just only one run. But as for changing the lineup, I think I will maintain the lineup.
Today the pitcher, Oh, was really good in pitching. When Oh was in the bullpen, at the end of the game, he relieved and prepared for the game and I hope that he can stop the opponent, and he did very well. Of course, he could have thrown more balls, however, when we look at his record, we can see what is his pattern.
So I was not able to put more burden to him, and in his own team, he threw that kind of pitch, so as a closer, he had done like the same way. In a risk, he really did well, and after that, we needed to have runs but we failed.

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