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March 6, 2017

In-Sik Kim

Seoul, Korea

Q. This is the first time that Korea has hosted the World Baseball Classic. Obviously the fans will be very loud and excited tonight. Can you talk about what the fans in Korea mean to you as the manager, and to you as a team?
INSIK KIM: In every tournament, the first game is very important and nervous. This is the first time we host this WBC. However, we will do our best and we will fight severely.

Q. Yesterday the third baseman and left fielder, you mentioned it may change. How did you decide?
INSIK KIM: I decided to have Min Byung‑hun for left field, and Hur Kyoung‑min will be the third baseman. The reason is that this is the first game, and the pitcher, Chang Won‑jun, he is a left‑hander, so the third base and left field should be stronger. And the international field, they have the experience, so that's why I decided them to have the game.

Q. The starting pitcher is Chang Won‑jun, and I believe you have high expectation for him. So what is your expectation?
INSIK KIM: Above all, the pitcher Chang Won‑jun is among the starting pitchers, I believe he is one of the best. And he also experienced many international games, and when we see his records, it was good. So I believe he will do very well.

Q. Maybe this is too early, but Israel brought the starting pitcher for tomorrow's game, so have you named a starting pitcher for the next game?
INSIK KIM: Starting pitcher will be Woo Kyu‑min.

Q. Today, you eliminated Choi Hyoung‑woo, and I believe you created a new lineup. Is this temporary or are you going to maintain the same starting lineup?
INSIK KIM: It depends on the situation. Maybe Choi Hyoung‑woo will be included in the lineup, but for today's game, I eliminated him from the lineup and included Min Byung‑hun and Hur Kyoung‑min.

Q. Can you give me your thoughts on tonight starter, Jason Marquis, and also tomorrow night's starter for the Dutch, Rick VandenHurk?
INSIK KIM: As for Jason Marquis, he's really famous. And I am familiar with him, because he is a good pitcher in the major leagues, so I know that, and he's really competitive. For a pitcher, he is a good defender. That's what I know.
As for the Dutch, can you repeat the question again?

Q. Rick VandenHurk, he's tomorrow's starter against Korea. I just wonder if you have any thoughts about him.
INSIK KIM: Are you talking about the Netherlands starting pitcher? As far VandenHurk, he played and pitched a lot in the Korean league, and he's playing a lot on the Japanese field. I know him very well, but for one year. Even though we know him, we sometimes cannot handle him, and sometimes we can handle him very well. So I know he is a good pitcher.

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