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March 6, 2017

Carlos Marti

Tokyo, Japan

CARLOS MARTI: Well, everybody, first of all, let me greet everybody here. We are very happy to be in Japan. I'm going to start answering your questions now as much as possible.

Q. Tomorrow is the first game. We would like to know how you feel right now.
CARLOS MARTI: Being Team Japan is hosting the games, and playing against the Japanese team, we know the Japanese team is a very strong team, so we know how important this first game will be.

So I can say that me, as well as the Cuban team, we are going to do the best we can for the first game. During this competition, of course we would like to keep doing well.

Q. Do you know any information about the Japanese team? What do you think of the Japanese team?
CARLOS MARTI: We have lots of information about the Japanese team. I see the game against México, and inside the team, we have players who know the Japanese players as well. The Japanese players have very good quality. So we are very much excited to play against such a good team.

Q. Can you tell us the starting pitcher for tomorrow, what kind of pitcher he is, and his characteristics, if possible?
CARLOS MARTI: Noelvis Entenza might be the starting pitcher tomorrow. Of course, all the players are very much excited and they are willing to do the first game. Entenza will be the one who throws tomorrow.

Q. You said that you have informations about the Japanese team. For tomorrow's game, which player is the one who deserves more attention?
CARLOS MARTI: I know some things about the Japanese team and we have seen some games, but this is an overall image of the team. Among the players, I know there's some players who play in the major leagues, and they have great careers and so on. But particularly, we don't like to mention particular name.

Q. Are you confident to win tomorrow's game?
CARLOS MARTI: We are playing against them, so if you talk about possibilities, we have 50 percent chance and Japan has a 50 percent chance, as well. So for us, there is a possibility to win, and we want to do that.

Q. Entenza is the one who is throwing tomorrow; please tell us the reason why.
CARLOS MARTI: Well, among our players, we have many pitchers and they have different qualities. But we analyzed lots of things and at this moment, right now, against the Japanese team, I think he will be the best pitcher.

Q. For tomorrow's game, what kind of game would you like to show us, to the Japanese public?
CARLOS MARTI: Of course, if I can control everything, it will be best. But I cannot control all of the conditions of the game, and I've seen it before many times, but the Japanese team is really strong. They have very high-quality players, and they are in a very good moment.

So we don't have control of what's going to happen. But in the game, we are going to do the best all we can for us to win the game.

Q. What do you think of the artificial grass? How is the team used to it?
CARLOS MARTI: In Korea, we played in a dome before, and international games, sometimes we play artificial turf. The players are used to it. Maybe there's a little bit of difference, but they are used to it. There will be no problem.

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