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March 5, 2017

Kim Mulkey

Kalani Brown

Nina Davis

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Baylor - 88

K-State - 71

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by the Baylor Lady Bears. We're glad to have the Coach, student-athletes, Nina Davis and Kalani Brown. Coach, congratulations on the win and I assume you're going to skip your opening comments. We will go straight to questions.

Q. Nina, you guys shot the ball again really well today, 54%. How much credit does Kristy get in that, just feeding y'all?
NINA DAVIS: She gets pretty much all the credit, 99.1%. The other is finishing the shot, but we go as Kristy goes. All year long she has been our Energizer bunny. She never gets tired. She is going to take that charge. Today she had blood running down her knees. She is always going to give her heart. She is going to give 100% in everything she does and she has been trying to handle everything since Joan has been out.

Q. Kim, I think it was 1.7 assists last year with Kristy. It's almost 6 this year. How does she make that jump? Have you ever seen anything like that with your players?
KIM MULKEY: Jones last year played the point with Kristy, so they were both handling the ball probably equally and then early in the season I pretty much told Kristy to handle the ball because I feel like Jones is such a great scorer. If you could just let her not have to think, you know, and be the coach out front, let her go shoot the ball and do things. So that's the big difference is that Kristy's basically playing all point guard now.

Q. Nina, there were a couple of no-look passes from Kristy. Is that the deal? Is there any eye contact? Do you know it's coming to you?
NINA DAVIS: I kinda know it's coming to me. I've been playing with Kristy for thee years now, and I pretty much know who she is going to pass it to even though she is not looking at me. So it's kinda like a chemistry-type thing.

Q. Kalani, to have another shot at another Big 12 Championship. How sweet is that?
KALANI BROWN: It's just a blessing. We worked hard for it and I'm just honored, really, and really excited. I'm sure the team is excited and just going to go out there and give it our all.

Q. Nina, as someone that doesn't satisfy all of your games I look at your stats and wonder you've had such a lot of at this reputation, and your numbers are a little bit down this year. Is there any particular reason for that? Are you giving the ball more to Kalani or what's the deal in?
NINA DAVIS: We just have a team with a lot of depth this year. Numbers aren't really important to me. In the past years my numbers have been higher, but I didn't have the talent that I have on the team now. As you can see each game we have a different scorer -- had 17 points yesterday and then we had three people today that had pretty good numbers. So it's just the balance of our team and it doesn't are bother me. I just do whatever my team needs.

Q. Coach, you guys will play West Virginia or Texas tomorrow. Can you talk a little bit about both teams and what it's going to take for you to beat either of them tomorrow?
KIM MULKEY: They're both very good. I'll be in the stands watching, to see what we can do better when we play either one of them.

Is that good enough? I mean, right now I'm just relieved. I'll focus on the winner after the game and then we'll get in the film room and scout and talk to 'em. Right now I don't know what I would tell you any different than what I've told you the last time we've played both of them. They're good.

Q. Fifteen assists for Wallace today. Conference tournament record. Was there anything special about what she did is or is this how it goes?
KIM MULKEY: Just Kristy being Kristy. She got out in transition and we had a lot of numbers a lot of times. She made some no-look passes. She delivered the ball quickly to people up the floor. She is just a -- she is a great player. She can play through fouls. She can play through blood. She can play through a turnover, and she just is somebody you would sure like to be on the receiving end of her passes because she put -- she just gives it to you where you can finish.

Q. Coach, it's easy to look at playing in another final the same-old, same-old for your program, but what makes it not that for you?
KIM MULKEY: I get a paycheck. That's what we're supposed to do. Baylor doesn't think it's the same-old, same-old. Baylor appreciates it. Our fans spend their money to come, and a lot of those fans are on fixed incomes, and they love the Lady Bears. And I guess you just call it tradition, excellence, elite; and these players that come to Baylor, they understand what came before they got there and they want to maintain it.

Q. Coach Nina said a few minutes ago that it's the depth of the team that everybody spreads out. You've been there a long time now. Is this the deepest team on paper that you've had?

Q. Kim, I know it always starts with defense for you guys, but the offensive efficiency that you guys have had in two games here at the tournament now. I mean, you know, like what you're seeing?
KIM MULKEY: We're putting up a lot of points. I think it goes back to the depth. We can sub and really not have much of a letdown, but we've had that all year.

I think we're playing very good basketball at the right time of the year. I think we've played good basketball the entire year, but we're just spreading the ball around. I think Jones when she went down, we became somewhat of a different team. We became bigger. We became more physical. Dekeiya Cohen has stepped in like you would expect juniors to step in and just not missed a beat. Scoring a lot of points. I think we had 80-something there in the fourth when I substituted with about 4 and a half minutes to go, and let's hope we can save some -- still got a little bit left in the tank.

Q. Kim, yesterday you said that you were going to go meet Alexis's dad for the first time, you hadn't had a chance to meet him. What was that interaction like and what did you guys talk about?
KIM MULKEY: I just hugged him and -- just hugged him and told him how blessed we were at Baylor that his daughter was ending her career on the highest of highs and then when he smiled I realized, yep, you're her dad. Their smiles are the same. He's a proud Papa.

Q. Nina, Coach talked about it not being the same-old. You've been around for four years. How do you keep it from being the same-old, same-old? You have won now in your time 7 Big 12 championships.
NINA DAVIS: Winning never gets old. If I'm ever in a position where winning change-ups become the same-old, same it's time for me to stop playing basketball. It's always a different team. You have different players. It is a different experience for the freshmen. It will be their first time getting one of these type of rings. So really the motivation is to win. No one likes to lose and it's just different each and every time.

THE MODERATOR: Ladies, congratulations. We'll see you tomorrow.

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