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May 26, 2001

Dean Robertson


GORDON SIMPSON: You seem to have an affinity with this place. Three years ago, was it that you had a real chance of winning?

DEAN ROBERTSON: Yeah, Wentworth's one of the best venues, and certainly, the European Tour, if not the world, and it's got a special atmosphere. When you come back here even in practice, you get a buzz and you've got to play all of the shots here. The last five or six holes, or as soon as you get to the 13th tee, you've got to playoff awfully well to give yourself birdie opportunities.

Q. I know how ambitious you are to play in the Ryder Cup, would a win this week --

DEAN ROBERTSON: For any Ryder Cup, you have to be able to win tournaments like this. And if you can pull that off at the end of the week, you'll have confidence and experience coming down the stretch in a major championship. Probably in toughest condition as I've seen it, and I don't think the Ryder Cup team is looking for any players who finish second, third, fourth, fifth consistently. It's tournaments like this that drive players to win, and if they can win they would be an asset to the team, but scraping in the back door, I'm not so sure.

Q. Trust me, I'd take scraping in the back door.

DEAN ROBERTSON: It would always be nice to represent Europe.

Q. You want to go home with the biggest credential you can.

DEAN ROBERTSON: What you are up against -- I would like to win, to even be considered for the Ryder Cup team.

GORDON SIMPSON: Your performance here, that year I'm talking about, actually set you up nicely to win the next year? Did you learn enough about what it was like coming down the stretch?

DEAN ROBERTSON: Yeah, it was great. I was responsible for Colin going on a 3-Peat.

GORDON SIMPSON: Were you one ahead?

DEAN ROBERTSON: I had a shot on the 14th, to take a two-shot lead which would have been nice, but I missed it and unsettled me a little bit and I made a bad tee shot on 16. 16 is probably -- I mean, all of the holes, 16 is the one people can think, all right, okay, we're by 15, 16 is your chance, but 16 is a tough one. It will beat you. That year, the first shot out, it was a 3-wood off the right side. Colin made birdies galore. Today it was -- all through the backswing and follow-through, it was: "Don't dare hit that left in the trees." But it was good. The course is playing tough.

GORDON SIMPSON: So what was your key today then? Was it your putting or did you knock it close?

DEAN ROBERTSON: The greens were fantastic. The greens were good. Any time I missed the fairway, I struggled to made par. All over the place on the first. I made bogey, and the eagles and birdies have come from hitting good drive and hitting from the fairway. But even from the middle of the fairway, you've got to control the spin of the ball and you've got to be at the top of your game.

GORDON SIMPSON: How do you make the eagle on No. 4?

DEAN ROBERTSON: 3-wood and 5-iron to about six feet. So, fairways are as hard to hit as the greens now that being that the fairways are firming up as well as the greens, and I don't think the greenskeepers cut the greens down that low yet -- or I hope he doesn't, because if it does, come the afternoon, some of the players will be made to look very foolish. It's tough enough as it is. If the greens get a little bit faster than they are -- I'm sure it will take a good man to beat the course over the week. I mean, I set my goal of four 68s, but this morning was playing easier than yesterday being that I played early at 7:50. But, over the weekend I think another two of them -- 16-under par will win the championship this week, no doubt about it. I think even 14(-under) has got a chance. But that's -- somebody always proves you wrong. But I don't think they will this week.

GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you for coming in.

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