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March 4, 2017

Brenda Frese

Brionna Jones

Shatori Walker-Kimbrough

Destiny Slocum

Indianapolis, Indiana

Maryland - 100, Michigan State - 89

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Maryland head coach Brenda Frese and the student-athletes.

COACH FRESE: I thought both teams fought tremendously hard. And it was definitely a game of runs. I thought that we obviously needed all the 100 points that we got tonight. But I thought we were able to really kind of find in different runs who to be able to get the ball through, whether it was Tori, Bri, Destiny late in the second half.

So we just had a great sense in terms of what we were doing. I thought we got great minutes off the bench, when you talk about bringing Sarah Myers in and Steph Jones. They were tremendous for us. But Michigan State played hard and from our end we're excited about being able to move on to the championship game.

Q. Brionna, can you talk about your performance tonight -- 32 points, nine rebounds and six assists?
BRIONNA JONES: My teammates made it easier for me. Shatori hitting threes outside and Destiny attacking off the bounce, I think that just opened up the paint for me.

Q. The team gets to the line, I think, 16 times in the fourth quarter. What were the factors being able to get to the line so often?
BRIONNA JONES: I think just staying on the attack and just being aggressive and not letting up on our offense.

Q. Bri, you had a similar performance last time against Michigan State. Probably not quite as good. Is there anything about them that you kind of like playing against or what is that?
BRIONNA JONES: They're a really physical team and I kind of embrace physical play. So I think that just gives me a little extra energy today.

Q. Destiny, how did you guys kind of weather the storm in the second quarter when -- or in the third quarter when Michigan State was kind of raining 3s down on you?
DESTINY SLOCUM: I think just sticking together and just playing together. We know how to come back from tough situations, and I think that's what's good about us is we're going to stay together through it. And I think that gets us really far.

Q. Shatori, when you see two freshmen, Kaila and Destiny, have 18 points and contribute to such a big win, your thought about young players stepping up in a big time situation?
SHATORI WALKER-KIMBROUGH: I forgot they were freshmen until you said that. They do not play like that at all. They give our team -- they're like our engine. They make us go. Kaila, defensively with her energy. Destiny with her tempo. They make us go and I'm blessed to have them as teammates.

Q. Can you talk about your team's ability to get runs at the end of quarters, you did that at the end of the half and then again at the end of the third?
SHATORI WALKER-KIMBROUGH: Yeah, Coach said it was important for us to keep pushing tempo, especially with them coming off I think it was day three or day four for them. Their legs are tired. We were only here -- this is only our second game coming in.

So we had really fresh legs. And continue in the same way. Like Coach said, Sarah Myers came in, gave us great minutes. Ieshia came in and Blair came in to continue to give us ways to put our foot on the pedal.

Q. Destiny, for you I saw at one point you talking to Shatori about a certain play, when you guys were coming down the floor. How important is communication in the game that you're all on the same page and that you're taking in input from your teammates as to what's working, and Coach?
DESTINY SLOCUM: I think between these two and Coach B, they're so knowledgeable. And to not ask them questions would be me doing something wrong.

So anytime if I can go and ask them a question about anything even if I know the answer, to get them to talk back and just give me communication about anything is super important and is a big reason for our success.

Q. Kaila had her left hand taped up after the first quarter. Do you know what happened there; how she's doing?
COACH FRESE: I thought it was an injury that I missed. But it was a cut. So I guess we don't use Band-Aids anymore. We bandage them. It was a little -- she's fine.

Q. Brenda, did you come in expecting this offensive show, did you think you had to get 100 to win the game?
COACH FRESE: I didn't think against Michigan State, I know we're capable that we can play any style which is a beautiful thing. I did think Michigan State might be a little more tired on day three of legs, but I thought their grit and toughness was tremendous to watch. When they started banking in 3s, I knew it was kind of their night. So we needed every single one of those points.

Q. Destiny, you hit three big 3s late in the game. Could you talk about that? How big was that for your team?
DESTINY SLOCUM: I think it was big for our team. But like I wouldn't be able to get those shots without my teammates, and them giving me confidence to keep taking them even though I had missed three earlier, like, they gave me confidence to keep taking them, and that's why it helps.

Q. Coach, you mentioned in a lot of ways it was Michigan State's night with their 3-pointers. How did you weather -- what does it say about your team that you were able to pull it off?
COACH FRESE: You have to find different ways to be able to win, and obviously they were red hot from the 3-point line. You knew Jankoska wasn't going to go down without a fight. Tremendous player.

I'm proud of the fact -- I thought during the game just different flows and whoever had the hot hand, each player stepped up and played with a lot of confidence.

Q. You have a chance to win a third straight Big Ten Tournament title. Are there nerves at this point (indiscernible) or is it a calm feeling?
BRIONNA JONES: I think it's a calm feeling. I think just knowing we can prepare ourselves the best that we can, and going in there we're going to be the most prepared, I think that's going to give us the confidence we need to go out there and play.


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