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March 4, 2017

Kim Mulkey

Nina Davis

Alexis Prince

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Baylor - 95

Texas Tech - 63

THE MODERATOR: We're now joined by our Baylor Lady Bears, Coach Kim Mulkey and her two student-athletes, Alexis Prince and Nina Davis. As usual, Coach said she would not do an opening statement so we will go directly to questions.

Q. Alexis, Kalani had 6 points right off the bat in the game and then they started sagging in on her a little bit. How important is it for you guys to knock town those open shots from the perimeter when they start doing that?
ALEXIS PRINCE: It's important so Kalani can get touches in there and open the paint a little bit. They were stating to clog it, so it was hard to get her the ball. So it was important that we start out hot.

Q. Nina, I think three of you had double-doubles and Kristy got close to a triple-double. Was it jus the flow of the game that opened everything up? And you absolutely crushed them on the board, did you know that going in?
NINA DAVIS: We just wanted to start the game off aggressive. We wanted to start the game off quickly. We didn't want to come out and get behind or play around with them. We were aware that they had a game last night. We didn't have to play. So we just wanted to come out and play hard and this is just a team with a lot of depth. We have a lot of balance and we have people that step up different nights and rescore and rebounds is something we've always been good at.

Q. Nina, when they caught fire from 3-point land, late second quarter, maybe a little bit in the third, were y'all starting to sweat it a little bit? What was the mindset?
NINA DAVIS: Just keep playing hard. We knew coming in that Caldwell was a great shooter. She puts up a lot of shots and she makes a lot of shots, and I think Brooks made a hit, too. But we've been playing all year round. We have dealt with teams. So we have too stick together, figure out what we're doing wrong and weather the storm.

Q. Alexis, I think career high against Oklahoma Monday, 22 I believe today. I know what you're having to make up for some of the last points of Alexis Jones, but why now? I know you've had a heck of a year, but why now?
ALEXIS PRINCE: Just trying to help me team any way I can so if I need to score I will score, if I need to defend I will defend, whatever, just trying to play hard every game.

KIM MULKEY: Let me say this about Prince: She has been playing like that for a couple weeks now. And it's so good to see, a kid that has come through what she has come through with her injuries but she can tell you this. Her dad is here for the first time every to play in her life. That's the story.

Q. Kim, I was going to ask you about the week you've had and the things off the court that you've had to manage. People I think it's safe to say long to you as the most influential coach on your campus and I would wager a good guess you are the most influential woman at Baylor University. Do you see how people are going to look to you moving forward to speak on behalf of how things are being handled by your university and how important you are in the public eye because of your unique place at that school?
KIM MULKEY: Sometimes you don't realize -- I don't view myself that way. I'm just -- I don't like attention. I don't like that stuff, so I don't view myself that way. But, yes, I can see now how people do view me. If you saw my last press conference, guys, I said I was sorry about the timing was one of the things I was sorry about. So I'm going to answer you like this: It's about these kids right now. All you can do is say you're sorry and move on.

What a story. Her father has never seen her play basketball in her life! He comes in and gets to watch her this weekend. I've never met him, can't wait to leave here and go meet him.

Q. So Alexis what did that mean to you to have your dad here?
ALEXIS PRINCE: It means a lot to see that he was able to come down. In the past it was hard for him to figure out a time to come down but I'm just happy that he's here now.

Q. Kim, I did see your interview -- your press conference Thursday and I'm aware of what you did say on Senior Day. I want you to clarify if this is accurate on my reading. Seems like you're having to fight your urge to defend your institution, which I understand completely. You've been there a long time and have had an enormous impact at Baylor. You're fighting the urge to do that with the need to be compassionate toward the victims at the university. Is that a fair way to characterize what you're going through right now?
KIM MULKEY: I don't know that I'm going through anything. I said something in the emotion of the moment. I love Baylor University. I don't know details. I don't know how the media knows details. Y'all seem to know more than I know. All I do is go to work, recruit, love my two kids, my son-in-law, love these kids, graduate these kids and know that I love that place.

THE MODERATOR: Okay, Coach. We're going to let you guys go. Congratulations on your win and we will see you tomorrow.

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