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March 3, 2017

Robin Haase

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


7-6, 5-7, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you give us your thoughts on that.
ROBIN HAASE: Good first set where I have the opportunity to -- well, I got a break. A little bit lucky. I hold serves a little bit lucky a few times. I hit some great shots, passing shots.

But once actually broke back I held my serve more easy, and then I had my chance at 4-All. I didn't use that. I played the rallies the same except for the last shots in the rally where I -- well, where I, yeah, do something else than I should. That's my mistake. That's why I lose the first set, I think.

Second set is fine. It's very good. I keep fighting. I think I deserved to win that one, especially after the first set, so it's 1-All in sets.

He has a toilet break, he comes back, and he hit some rockets with new balls. Even on my serve he just went for it. I think I lose the first five, six points without having a chance.

So credit for him. Great job. I tried. I kept fighting. I have chances to even break back to go to 4-2, but he was just too good at the end.

Q. It's been a very successful week for you.
ROBIN HAASE: Yeah, it's been a very good week, but there was more that was in there in this week, and I could have won today. So now I'm really, really, really disappointed.

Q. I believe you spent some time in Dubai training, right? Just talk about that. How long have you been doing that? How much time do you actually spend here?
ROBIN HAASE: Just a week a year or maybe 10 days. I spent one time 14 days, but that's it. Just at the end of the year to prepare for the new season. Yeah.

Q. Did that perhaps help you feeling more comfortable in conditions here?
ROBIN HAASE: No. Honestly, no. No, I mean, it's nice to practice here. It's always good weather. The courts are fine. Our accommodations are very nice where I practice. So that makes it nice.

But I don't think it will help me to play here. The courts are a little bit different where I practice than here. I cannot consider it the same.

Q. How do you feel this week maybe sets you up for what's to come for you the rest of the season?
ROBIN HAASE: Oh, it opens up a lot of opportunities. I will get into the main draws of the big events.

I'm really, really happy with that, but at the moment, yeah, what I said earlier, I feel disappointed, because if I win this match, it opens even more doors.

Yeah. It's a shame but not much I can do about it now.

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